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From Columbus, OH, USA

Sound Like Rock

Jason Mowery: Drums
Chris Worth: Bass
Sean Gardner: Guitar, Vocals
Marc Anderson: Guitar

     Columbus Ohio's Denovo is a new effort featuring former members of local favorite Special Aviation Project. The group reformed in the fall of 2000 with new frontman Sean Gardner -also of Kopaz- and began working hard at finding a new sound. Denovo spent almost a year building this new relationship and learning how to play together as a new unit -- writing and rewriting songs, continually growing and evolving as a band and a family.
     Driven by the simple desire to have fun doing what they love, Denovo has taken the standard indie rock sound and given it a new edge. They layer catchy, innovative guitar riffs over smooth bass and drum hooks giving their music an intricate, yet striaghtforward and aggressive feel. The vocals are addictively melodic and dynamic, ranging from soft, smooth singing to the occassional emotional scream.
     Denovo is generally influenced by the DC sound - bands such as Fugazi, Jawbox, Hoover, Bluetip, Kerosene 454, and Burning Airlines. However, each member definitely brings his own personal influences to the table and these often convene to form something truly unique. People often hear the likes of At the Drive-in, Q and not U, and Drive like Jehu in Denovo's work.
     The group has just finished recording a demo and is currently looking to play out as much as much as possible. They are also looking for a label to call home.