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From San Mateo, CA, USA

Sound Like Hard Alternative Rock

Kyle Freeze: Drums
Dave Pearl: Bass
Josh Stinson: Guitar
Tyson Yen: Vocals


     From San Mateo, California, Drist brings a heavy-driven, passionate sound with thought provoking lyrical content. Their debut album, "Bitter Halo" reflects this in delivering their signature sound and displaying the depth of its front man, Tyson Yen. When asking Tyson about the origin of "Bitter Halo" he explains, "I wanted the title of the record to summarize the messages contained in the entire album. While writing this record most of my thoughts were based on the notion that people often times hold up ideals or beliefs derived from negativity. "Bitter Halo" encompasses this idea."

     After 5 years of writing music and playing shows, Drist signed a recording agreement in July of 2002 with Spunout Records. In August, producer Ulrich Wild (Deftones, P.O.D., Incubus, Taproot and more) was hired to remix Drist's self-produced album, "Bitter Halo." Ulrich was quoted during the remix by saying, "seriously, this is quickly becoming my favorite band in a long, long time."