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From Boston, MA, USA

Sound Like Electronic Rock

Aynsley Powell
Monica Rodriguez
Ryan Green
Ryan Alfred


     It has nothing to do with "what kind of music" we play. It's all about the feeling you get in a moment that everybody is sharing, regardless of what side of the monitors you're on. It's about the hairs raising on the back of your neck as a snare roll crescendos into a pounding four on the floor, when you can't tell if that sound you're hearing is coming from a keyboard, the guitar player, or the crowd around you, or even yourself. It's about getting lost in liquid melodies that blanket the room and hybrid beats that ricochet back and forth between walls of bass and layered world percussion.

     It's about using brand new sounds to evoke timeless emotions.

     It's about the ebb and flow.

     It's about energy.

     Come See The New Sound.