AirDrives and Airdrives Earphones are giving away a killer prize pack. One lucky music fan will receive an iPod Shuffle and a pair of Airdrives Earphones! Four runners up will each receive a pair of Airdrives Earphones. Enter now for your chance to win!

     AirDrives™ new interactive earphones with InAir™ Technology were introduced at the DigitalLife Press Preview in New York on July 12. InAir Technology, an innovative personal audio technology, is the force behind AirDrives hybrid, stereo earphones, a design which blends music with life’s surroundings. AirDrives creates a wide-open sound experience that enables listeners to tune into life while enjoying their favorite music, eliminating the need to choose between music and social interaction.

     AirDrives are the perfect audio accessory for integrating music into everyday activities. Ken Wright, creator and designer of AirDrives, stated “We saw the need for a new hybrid earphone design that delivers dynamic sound while allowing users to hear what’s going on around them. Using AirDrives adds a soundtrack to your life, enhancing any activity from workdays to workouts. From office managers who won’t allow MP3 players in the workplace fearing employees would miss important phone calls, to joggers who want to be aware of oncoming traffic or chat with friends, AirDrives’ breakthrough design makes it possible to add music when you otherwise wouldn’t.”

     We believe everyone – especially parents - will also appreciate the inherent safety of AirDrives. The open architecture leaves the auditory canal unplugged, thus protecting ears from potentially damaging decibel levels typically associated with conventional ear buds. It was Wright’s personal concern about the safety and long-term health of his own daughter’s hearing that prompted him to create the technology that powers AirDrives.

     Using proprietary InAir Technology, AirDrives hybrid, stereo earphones were created with speakers that lay on the outside of the ear, which helps to deliver rich, natural sound and makes them more comfortable than conventional ear buds and earphones. In addition, audiologist testing indicates that AirDrives passes the House Ear Institute and OSHA (Occupational and Safety Health Administration) standards for all-day listening based on sound pressure levels detected at the inner ear. This added element of hearing protection, combined with AirDrives’ performance-driven magnesium design for lightweight, directional sound control, makes the earphones a safe and durable option no matter what your activity.

     AirDrives hybrid, stereo earphones for Kids feature the same unique, outer-ear design and quality listening experience, but are designed for kids or those with smaller ears. Both models have sleek molded ear grips that form to fit your ears, and can be tightened for intense sports or loosened for all day comfort.

     AirDrives are compatible with iPod, MP3 Players, computers and portable DVD systems, and will be available at major retailers beginning October 2007.

Congratulations to the winners! Grand prize: Axel Anderson. Runners up: Tara Braun, Beverly Metcalf, Lisa Theobald and Cynthia Megill.