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Chicago natives The Audition don’t have much to sweat with their brand new release as Self- Titled Album is an ultimate culmination of all of their work to date, that will surely put them into the historic ranks of their predecessors. Mixing the well-crafted lyrics of their ?rst release, Controversy Loves Company, with the punchy, spirited rock of their follow-up Champion, singer Danny Stevens refers to this Frankenstein-of-an-album as “The Audition Power Record.” Four simple words couldn’t ring more true. Suburban Chicago teenagers Ryan O’Connor and Seth Johnson formed The Audition in 2003 and started playing local shows with bands such as Plain White T’s, Spital?eld, and The Academy Is. Instantly gaining the attention of Victory Records, the band was signed within weeks of playing a showcase in O’Conner’s parent’s basement.

Releasing Controversy Loves Company was a ?rst step in the right direction for The Audition. The incredibly catchy melodies and hooks drove the album to sell over 50,000 copies, land a feature on MTV’s TRL, and score them a spot on tours with bands like Jack’s Mannequin, 30 Seconds To Mars, and Boys Like Girls. Being exposed to a wide variety of audiences made it clear to the world that their poppy, rock music didn’t just resonate with one type of crowd; it worked for everyone. “Pop music isn’t evil,” says O’Conner, “You shouldn’t be ashamed to like a catchy song. If the music was written with heart and soul, then that should be conveyed through the music.” More adult and sensual vibe, re?ecting their maturation since Controversy and bonding their quality of sound with their level of con? dence and delivery. The album was given 4.5 out of 5 stars by Alternative Press, and debuted on the Billboard Top 200.

Since Champion, The Audition has spent their time touring the entire globe, growing as artists and musicians, and ?ne-tuning what is their ground-breaking third release, Self-Titled Album. The album, produced by Mark Trombino (JIMMY EAT WORLD, BLINK 182), was the result of a diligent ?ve month writing process and a little elbow grease. The band refused to use the digital audio workstation to ?x the little mistakes in the recording, making this album a derivative of their actual live performance and an artistic step up from a lot of recent releases. No frills, no fakery, just rock ‘n’ roll. Chock full of those familiar sing-along choruses and rear-shaking riffs, Self-Titled Album ranges from fast-paced dance-pop with uncontrollable hooks like those in “My Temperature’s Rising” to lyrically intense and mellow as heard in “It’s Gonna Be Hard (When I’m Gone)” “These songs are fun and catchy, but not contrived or predictable,” says O’Connor. His statement holds true as every song on the album gives off an entirely different vibe, merging only to create the magical melting pot that is Self-Titled Album. Following suit to those bands whose third albums shaped their entire career, The Audition are poised and ready to kick it up a notch. O’Conner adds, “We love music above all things in this world. We have never forgotten why we started doing this and will never forget why we still do it every day. We have been a band for four years and the ‘honeymoon’ isn’t over yet…” It’s only the beginning.

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