Bam Margera

Bam Margera is giving away a copy of Bam Margera's new book, Serious As Dog Dirt, to one lucky fan. Enter now for your chance to win!

He's bared himself on screens big and small, but now, Bam Margera exposes himself as never before. Famous for his fearless, cringe-inducing, funny as s*** daredevil stunts, he has thrilled and revolted audiences worldwide. Now, for the first time, Bam shares his private writings, never before seen personal photos, drawings, and more in this anarchic auto-collage/travelogue, a frenetic, yet brutally honest document of the life he leads and a dynamic testament to his wild imagination. Known for his creative style since becoming a pro skater at thirteen, Bam pulls readers into his chaotic world - the music, the movies, the pranks, the skating, the glory, the pain, and the blood. This time, Bam Margera is serious... as dog dirt.

Bam Margera is co-creator and co-star of MTV's "Jackass," as well as the show "Viva Le Bam," and the CKY video series. He first gained recognition as a pro skater, and today is a member of Team Element, the demonstration team for Element Skateboards. A writer, actor, director, and host of "Radio Bam" on Sirius Satellite Radio, Bam lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Missy.

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Congratulations to the winner, Whitney Killoran!