Bigbang is giving away a Bigbang prize pack containing a Bigbang t-shirt and a copy of their latest album, "Edendale," on vinyl and CD! Enter now for your chance to win!

Dubbed "Norway's Greatest Live Band," Bigbang have returned stateside with Edendale, their tribute to the Silver Lake area of the city of Los Angeles. Front man, Øystein Greni explains: "The area of Los Angeles today known as Echo Park/Silver Lake used to be called Edendale around the time when the silent movie industry took off. Charlie Chaplin's studio -now a storage place - is on my block, and Walt Disney's first film studio was across the street from the local Trader Joes. In Europe we tend to romanticize things and people from the past; here it's all about moving on to the next project. Ironically, as much as I wanted to get away from the stale museum-like atmosphere of Europe, I get here and start focusing on LA's fascinating past!" Their sound reflects that appreciation of the past, as the band is often garnering comparisons to the Allman Brothers, Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd and REM.

Out now, via the band's own imprint, Grand Sport - the album was released internationally earlier this year to stellar sales and critical acclaim. The U.S. version of Edendale includes three new exclusive tracks.


  1. Play Louder
  2. Call Me
  3. Swedish Television
  4. Isabel
  5. Freeway Flowers
  6. Bag of Leaves
  7. To The Max
  8. Head Over Heels
  9. Now Is Not A Good Time
  10. One Step At A Time
  11. Something Special (bonus track - U.S. release only)
  12. Falling (bonus track - U.S. release only)
  13. Wild Bird (bonus live track)

Congratulations to the winner, Leisa Kropog!