Dear Hunter

Dear Hunter are giving away an autographed copy of The Dear Hunter's "Act III: Life and Death" and a poster to one lucky fan Enter now for your chance to win!

The Dear Hunter (Triple Crown Records) have a busy end of year as they will be on tour with Thursday for the whole month of October before heading out on their own headlining tour, then will join Thrice through December in support of their new album, Act III: Life and Death.

Since it's release in June, Act III: Life and Death has received critical acclaim:

"4-1/2 out of 5 stars." - Alternative Press

"...dramatic, dissonant, style-shifting rock...baroque orchestral arrangements, Broadway-esque piano ballads and everything in between. One minute DEAR HUNTER leader Casey Crescenzo is drenched in a backdrop of lush harmonies ('Writing on a Wall'), the next he's roaring through a wall of bombastic guitars and horns ('In Cauda Venenum')." - Billboard

"...a great example of getting away with a ton of bold guitar work that is always in service of the song...There is a grand theatricality to ACT III that brings to mind Oingo Boingo, Queen and Jellyfish...this is such a great record." - Guitar Player

"The indie chamber-pop sound fits nicely into (Casey) Crescenzo's compelling songs that document that life-changing evolution of the human spirit." - Chicago Sun-Times

Congratulations to the winner, Margarethe Blanch!