DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow     Plug In is giving away an autographed DJ Shadow slipmat and an autographed copy of his new album, "The Outsider" to one lucky fan.

     "I'm sure you're probably thinking ,'Yeah, something's changed with him'," says Josh "DJ Shadow" Davis as he tries to explain a little of the life-changing journey he's been on since his last LP, The Private Press, was released in 2002. That the change has been dramatic is evident on even the briefest of exposures to The Outsider, his fabulous, fascinating, fire-breathing third album: but it's also there in the way he speaks, the way he looks, and the iron-clad confidence he now brings to his work.

     The Outsider is a record that will confound those who believed they had Shadow pigeonholed. Working with several different vocalists, and in styles spanning everything from hyphy, the Bay Area's newest hip hop hybrid, to folk; from aggressive hardcore rock to left-field alternative dance music, the album is an almost schizophrenic collection from an artist to whom loving music and making music are just two sides of the same coin. Long-term fans need have nothing to fear his power to conjure and affect an emotion by collaging samples, voices and fragments of long-forgotten recorded dialogue remains undimmed but the sense here is that, at last, this is the real Shadow, in the raw. It sounds and feels, simply, like the record he's been yearning to make.DJ Shadow Slip Mat

     "There are songs with rappers, songs with vocalists," he explains. "There are songs that are all live instruments; songs that are all me and keyboards; songs that are all samples. But here's the thing: while I was making it, people would hear a track and like it, then they'd say, 'Why don't you do a whole album like this? This could be your rap album', if it was a rap track, 'then you can go back to doing what you normally do'. But I can't do that, because that's not who I am."

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