Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys

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From meager beginnings playing all-ages matinees at now-defunct Boston clubs to a prominent placement in Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning film, “The Departed,” the Dropkick Murphy’s have evolved over the past decade into one of the most beloved punk-inspired bands in the world. Now, with “The Meanest Of Times,” their sixth studio album of spirited, cathartic and heartfelt anthems, the oft-cherished seven-piece outfit has also launched its own record label, Born & Bred Records, as a means to bring new DKM music to the world while assuming full control of their destiny.

As evidenced by the explosive, uncompromising and downright brilliant album-opener, “Famous For Nothing” and the set bowing, optimistic roar of “Never Forget,” “The Meanest Of Times” is book-ended in top form and captures among its fifteen tracks what founding bassist Ken Casey calls “themes of childhood, growing up and family.”

“Growing up, I saw my share of hard times,” Casey says. “I think a lot of us did. But looking back on it, I wouldn’t trade them for anything, because those hard times made us all who we are today.”

“To me the record is a celebration of life”, front man Al Barr adds. “It’s about redemption. It’s about coming up in the world and the way it shapes you. It’s about not taking your family and friends for granted and it’s about living in the moment. The cover is a bunch of Catholic School kids messing around and looking angry on the playground. And if you think back to your elementary and high school years, in a lot of ways, they sometimes really were the meanest of times.”

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