El Presidente

El Presidente     PlugInMusic.com is giving away 2 autographed copies of El Presidente's self-titled debut album!

     Even off duty, El Presidente singer Dante Gizzi looks like a rock star. Admittedly, a rock star from another era... or perhaps another planet. The brightly colored suits, kipper ties and polished brogues, teamed with a magnificent moustache, recall a cross between Prince and Captain Beefheart. Or Che Guevara and a Colombian drug dealer.

     El Presidente’s hi-octane glamour certainly suits their songs, borrowing from artists as diverse as The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin and T-Rex, Prince, Parliament, Dr Dre and Funkadelic. The result is a debut that melds pop melodies to funk, glam rock, electro grooves and glitterball disco. There are harmonies, high-pitched vocals, stomping beats, catchy choruses and a sexy, sleazy party vibe that has led some to dub them Scotland’s Scissor Sisters.El Presidente

     The eponymous album features straightforward party songs like the early single “Rocket”, while album closer “Come On Now” is darker, more sinister, stalker-inspired song. “Rocket is basically about a drug binge,” says Dante. "Almost everyone does drugs now, so I think people will understand it."

     El Presidente were asked to play at last year’s Glastonbury Festival – after only eight gigs. They’ve also toured the UK with Kasabian and Soulwax, and before they had even released their second single “100 MPH” - an instant sell-out which made the British charts - Oasis were on the phone asking the band to support them in Scotland and Duran Duran had invited them on tour...

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