Forget Cassettes

Forget Cassettes     Plug In is giving away two Forget Cassettes prize packages!

     Each prize pack contains the following:
Forget Cassettes - Salt
Forget Cassettes - Instruments of Action
Apollo Up - Light The End And Burn It Through
The Whole Fantastic World - Chime
The Sincerity Guild - What It's Like On The Inside
De Novo Dahl - Cats & Kittens (double disc)
The Carter Administration - Air Guitar Force One
Apollo Up - Chariots of Fire (Autographed)

     The two elements that comprise salt, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) are considered two of the most volatile in the periodic table. When they combine to form salt, instead of creating another unpredictable ion, they become one of the most versatile, stable compounds. Salt is used as a flavoring in food, as well as a preservative. Salt is an integral part of the ocean, but as many will tell you, saltwater depletes the human body of essentials even as it is beneficial to the earth herself. This great mass of ocean that engulfs the earth can often also be a source of great trauma, certainly as witnessed in New Orleans in September 2005. "This city is a bad lover/ To quick and inattentive/ Let's sink this city and build ourselves / Over" sings Beth Cameron in the first single "The Catch" off their upcoming Theory 8 Records release Salt. An attack of sorts on FEMA's response to New Orleans, "The Catch," says Beth "is just about cities/towns and how we form relationships with them…and when a city doesn't come through like we feel it should have we crucify it." A city is "home," but it can quickly turn into the place from where we feel like we have to run. The Nashville, TN based three-piece band certainly understands this relationship. The two other members in Forget Cassettes, drummer Aaron Ford and multi-instrumentalist Jay Leo Phillips, hail from other Southern states, but have called the Nashville area home for years. Originally forming a few years ago as a two-piece with Doni Schroader, who left to drum for ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Beth invited Aaron and Jay to play in a new (and certainly improved) version of Forget Cassettes last year, playing their first show as a trio in June 2005. "I pretty much agreed on the spot," says Ford, of Beth's invitation, having briefly played with her years ago in Fair Verona.

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