Last Goodnight

Last Goodnight is giving away an autographed copy of The Last Goodnight's "Poison Kiss" to one lucky fan. Enter now for your chance to win!

Writing and recording Poison Kiss, their major-label debut, The Last Goodnight set the bar almost scarily high: “We wanted to write great songs that no one ever heard before,” states singer Kurtis John. Indeed, while influences and references range from Ella Fitzgerald to Richard Ashcroft to Supertramp to Sly Stone to ELO to U2 to Massive Attack, Poison Kiss is impossible to pigeonhole. “It’s about vibe. We keep the spontaneity and adventure in every aspect,” John explains. “In the studio, we built whole songs using the versatility of drum machines and laid down live drums last. We wanted to let the rhythm of the song define itself through the creation. I love the unexpected crafting of musical and lyrical desperation and vulnerability mixed with upbeat hooks.”

The result is 12 cinematic, singular songs, rife with ‘80s musical references and classic rock influences, but with a modern resonance. Poison Kiss is piano-driven but guitar heavy, and at once rhythmic, lush and soulful. From the first single, “Pictures of You,” a collage of poignant and vivid vignettes, to the strident title track, where the sounds of crackling vinyl meshes with a melancholy but buoyant, layered vibe, Poison Kiss takes an emotional journey. John compares The Last Goodnight to favorite actors and films: “It’s Tom Hanks in Castaway because he’s lost and lonely, somehow stumbling across Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, because the music has a sultry sexiness, then there’s a healthy dose of soul like Pam Grier in Foxy Brown, but touched with a bit of dark strangeness from Clockwork Orange.”

Congratulations to the winner, Beth Nilva!