Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake

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In the sixteen years since its inception at the University of Florida, Less Than Jake has steadily evolved by always sticking to its musical ideals without being hampered by the influence of emerging trends or record company pressure. After spending time in both the indie ranks and with many majors, the band recently emancipated itself from label life all together to form Sleep It Off Records, in turn hitting the studio with producer Matt Allison (Rise Against, Alkaline Trio). The end result is the ambitious and ultimately infectious GNV FLA (pronounced Gainesville, Florida), sure to connect with its extremely loyal fan base, while enticing new audiences thanks to a deft blend of alternative artfulness and accessibility.

“Obviously to people who’ve been following us for awhile, the title is a tribute to our roots in Gainsville, but others might not have any idea, which makes it a little cryptic,” offers Vinnie with a laugh. “We did that on purpose to kind of use those six letters as a metaphor, because if you look at the entire record lyrically, it’s about chasing something better- though not necessarily better in a good or bad way. Take for instance ‘FLA,’ which used to be the abbreviation for Florida, but has since been changed. There’s an example of taking something that’s working perfectly fine and becoming something new even if you don’t need it! So thematically, it’s about chasing that shiny penny around or the fact that people find themselves chasing something they may not even need or want.”

A fitting sentiment indeed considering today’s culture thrives on quick fix solutions and the search for greener grass on the other side, not to mention instant gratification on all planes- particularly music and the tendency for fads to go in and out of fashion within seconds. Obviously Less Than Jake’s longevity throughout such fickleness is an impressive anomaly, but one that can be traced to an unrelenting work ethic, a magnetic relatability level with listeners and continuous sonic progressions that simultaneously make GNV FLA a raucous return to form and a bold step forward.

“When we first started out, we built a foundation on the love of playing music, which a lot of people don’t,” asserts Vinnie. “Then after we started gaining momentum, we took baby steps and always made sure the foundation stayed very solid. When you build a house on sand, it’s going to fall f---ing fast and we took time in LTJ’s early days to make it strong. Plus we’re all good friends who are basically like brothers and there’s still a certain chemistry between us when we play.”

Congratulations to the winner, Deymond Lashley!