London     Plug In is giving away two prize packs for the new movie "London"! Each "London" prize pack includes a copy of the movie's soundtrack autographed by the Crystal Method and a film poster signed by the movie's cast.

     Writer-director Hunter Richards' astonishing directorial debut, "London", is an alternately hilarious and harrowing meditation on life, religion, sex and love, told from the perspective of a young man cast adrift after losing the one thing he cares about. "Most relationships between lovers are like a relationship between a drug addict and a drug dealer. The one who needs the most is the addict. The one who needs the least is the dealer… and the dealer controls the entire relationship."

     Syd is a strung-out, wealthy 20-something whose life is about to go from meaningless to futile. After a massive binging and drug spree, he awakes to the news that he is about to lose his "one true love" forever: Syd's ex-girlfriend is moving from New York to Los Angeles. Syd has one more chance to win her back, tonight, at her going-away party. Syd stocks up on cocaine and goes off to the party with Bateman, a young English banker he's just met. Throughout the evening, however -- punctuated by regular drug breaks in the bathroom -- we discover that Syd's relationship problems involve more than friction with his girlfriend. Is there a light at the end of his tunnel?

     Fans of Snatch, Blow, Rules Of Attraction will want to check out "London" starring Jessica Biel, Isla Fisher, Kelli Garner, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, and Dane Cook, and featuring music from The Crystal Method.

Congratulations to the winners: Barbara Strohm and Jacqueline Odejimi!