Mad Men Season 2 Soundtrack

Mad Men Season 2 Soundtrack is giving away a copy of the Mad Men Season 2 soundtrack to seven lucky fans. Enter now for your chance to win!

Mad Men Season 2 soundtrack tracklisting:

  1. Early In The Morning (Peter, Paul and Mary)
  2. Congratulations Honey (Baby Washington & the Plants)
  3. How Mable Get Sable Cha Cha Cha (David Carbonara)
  4. Lollipops And Roses (Jack Jones)
  5. The Infanta (The Decemberists)
  6. Blue Room (Perry Como)
  7. Break It To Me Gently (Brenda Lee)
  8. Telstar (The Tornadoes)
  9. Let's Twist Again (Chubby Checker)
  10. Pot Can't Talk About The Kettle (Helene Smith)
  11. Crooked Woman (Edd Henry)
  12. A Beautiful Mine - retro remix (Jim Jacobsen)

Congratulations to the winners, Jovany Tavarez, Brenda Park, Richard Titanic, Kellie Wilson, Peter Gladue, Elizabeth Peck, and Earl Bolson!