Medic Droid

Medic Droid

To celebrate The Medic Droid's new album, is giving away Skullcandy "Lowrider" Headphones and a copy of The Medic Droid's "What's Your Medium" CD to one lucky fan. Enter now for your chance to win!

From the burgeoning Phoenix music scene comes a band whose unmistakable sound and flamboyant style makes them, at once, supremely original and strikingly familiar. Comprised of vocalist Chris Donathon, guitar/keyboard player Hector Bagnod and guitar/keyboard player/D.J. Storm Logan, The Medic Droid encapsulate the very best elements of their electronica/new wave forefathers, while simultaneously carving their very own niche in today’s overcrowded, underwhelming music scene.

Formed by Donathon; a masterful painter and visual artist as well as a gifted vocalist; in 2006 on a lark, the positive response to his first single (“Fer Sure”) was staggering. Realizing he stumbled upon something quite special, he enlisted the help of close friends Logan and Bagnod to round out the group. Less than two short years later the band has sold over 37,000 singles on ITUNES and has had well over 8 million plays on their MYSPACE page.

With their first full-length album slated for a mid-2008 release, The Medic Droid and Modern Art Records are braced for even bigger things in the near future. Although if you ask the band, they seem as content playing small venues in front of a few dozen fans and friends as they do in front of seas of thousands. Donathon says, “We kinda just want to make the music we like and have fun doing it. If we get huge world wide that would be amazing but that isn’t our goal.”

Congratulations to the winner, Richard Katz!