Mumiy Troll

Mumiy Troll is giving away 3 copies of Mumiy Troll's "The Polar Bear" EP. Enter now for your chance to win!

Mumiy Troll, from the far Eastern city of Vladivostok, is the real deal - since the mid-'80s, Mumiy Troll has steadily become one of the biggest bands in Eastern Europe. Their incredible live energy and signature "rockapops" sound has had an undeniable impact on groups like Gogol Bordello and DeVotchKa, and continues to influence young artists and culture to this day. Interesting fact - the band's video for Vladivistok 2000 was the first video shown on Russian MTV in 1998.

In an attempt to spread their influence Westword, Mumiy Troll has just released an EP in English - The "Polar Bear" EP - and is finishing up a tour of the States.

Congratulations to the winners, Chasity Stutts, Patricia Hilke, and Michael Mortimer!