Mystechs      Plug In and Omega Point Records are giving away Mystechs prize packs! One grand prize winner will receive a copy of the Mystechs' new CD, "Warriors & Warlocks," a Mystechs tee shirt and the Mystechs DVD, "Legend of the Buick Brothers." Two runners up will each receive a copy of "Warriors & Warlocks."

     Is Warriors & Warlocks the soul-ravaging, satanic rock record your parents warned you about, or yet another set of genre-skewering electro-rock oddities form Chicago's Mystechs? With song titles like "Mecha Jesus" and "Everyone Must Die, Except..." it's hard to tell. On this, their seventh album, Mystechs go farther over the edge than ever in their quest to confuse and/or amuse the music-listening masses.

Congratulations to our winners! Grand prize winner is Sharon Kilburn. The runners up are Tim Breer and Rachel Browning.