Oasis     PlugInMusic.com is giving away an Oasis lithograph signed by Noel Gallagher along with a copy of the Stop the Clocks to one lucky fan. Enter now for your chance to win!

     Unlike most albums of this nature, Oasis have sat down and undertaken the almost impossible job of picking what they consider to be their finest moments ever. So 'Stop The Clocks' is imbued with the sort of willfulness that has helped make Oasis the favorite band of millions of people worldwide and its running order will no doubt provoke equal parts adulation and bar discussions from the millions of Oasis fans worldwide.

     Could it ever be any other way? Oasis have been at the helm of the world's music scene for over ten years and, on November 21, 2006 the first ever Oasis retrospective will draw together the years of multi-platinum albums, Number One singles and, unique to Oasis, instantly familiar B sides into one 18 track double album entitled 'Stop the Clocks'.

Congratulations to the winner, Maxine Horrocks!