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Peasant, the musical alter ego of Damien DeRose, was created when the small town of Doylestown, PA, provided him with the seemingly perfect series of experiences to create an entirely new breed of songwriting and musicianship.

Having drawn comparisons to acts as diverse as Elliott Smith and Simon and Garfunkle, Peasant creates his own beautiful and unique style by finding comfort and satisfaction in the mostly dismal environment surrounding him.

Peasant's strengths seem to come from his humble stature, by letting his music speak for and through him. He has continued to display an astonishing ability to quiet nearly any audience with a simple acoustic guitar, an awe-inspiring vocal style, and a personality of timid confidence.

His lyrical honesty and open imagery preclude any notions of forced sincerity. These lyrics, coupled with the lucid musicality of his guitar, justify the popularity of his first release, Fear Not, Distant Lover.

Congratulations to the winners, Lanisa Larrabee, Marsha Galinsky, and Philip Halter!