Pilot Speed

Pilot Speed

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Setting out to write appealing pop songs in today's climate can be a daunting task. "Real" rock fans can tend to turn their noses up at catchy hooks and memorable choruses, preferring instead twisty, multi-part constructions that show off convoluted music theory; pop is considered disposable teeny-bopper fare ... when it's considered at all.

But Pilot Speed seeks to change those attitudes. Equally at home with thoughtful, introspective soundscapes and with solid verse/chorus/verse tunes designed to be blasted from the radio, the Canadian four-piece has, with "Wooden Bones," delivered a set that should take them straight to rock's big leagues.

"There are a lot of pop hooks that the listener can grab onto," says singer/songwriter Todd Clark. "We really wanted to focus more on the song itself with this album. It can be easy to write long, sonically intricate, shoe gazing music, but to create more compact songs, and do it well, can be very satisfying."

Absent, then, are the five- and eight-minute long epics that helped Pilot Speed's last long-player (and Wind-up debut), "Into the West," win critical acclaim (and which spawned a Top 20 hit in Canada with the explosive "Barely Listening"). Instead, no song on "Wooden Bones" exceeds four-and-a-half minutes; a decision that, says Clark, was quite deliberate.

"I felt it was important for us to write songs that could work in any environment. Songs that would have a conventional appeal but still sound like us. Even the 'weird' or 'artier' tracks have what I think are pretty easy points of entry for the listener."

Indeed, unusual touches like the calliope-styled intro to "Today I Feel Sure," the metallic percussive effects on "Up on the Bridge," and the back-to-the-'60s mellotron vibe heard throughout the album are conscious indicators that Pilot Speed is still more than willing to bend the rules, even within the confines of a seemingly straightforward four-minute pop tune. "Art songs with hooks," Clark laughs when asked to summarize Wooden Bones. "Even with the poppier, more commercial tracks - 'Put the Phone Down,' 'Light You Up,' and 'Bluff' - there are unique aspects to each of them; they're purposely a bit rough around the edges."

  • 5/19 San Diego – Casbah
  • 5/20 Los Angeles – Silverlake Lounge
  • 5/26 Austin, TX – Emo’s Alternative Lounging
  • 5/28 Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre
  • 5/30 Bakersfield, CA - Bright House Networks
  • 6/18 San Jose, CA – Plaza de Cesar Chavez

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