Queen Killing Kings

Queen Killing Kings

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As their name may indicate, The Queen Killing Kings is an unusual act. Eschewing the classic rock line-up, they feature two keyboardists and no guitars. Their lyrics are filled with references to demons, witches, and condemned killers, yet they’re hardly gloom-filled Goths; instead, their music is inviting and catchy.

So how do they describe their musical approach?

"It's just rock-n-roll," declares singer/songwriter/pianist Coley O'Toole. "People try to tag us 'prog' or 'art-rock,' but to me it’s just a slightly different way of playing rock music."

In fact, the group’s debut album Tidal Eyes gets off to a straight-ahead rock thump with the galloping "Dark Hearts," a tale of marauders who will spare no effort to "make the world our prisoner," while the thumping, piano-pounding rocker "Naked in the Rain" wouldn’t sound out of place on Genesis' classic The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

"I like records that get right into it," O'Toole says of "Dark Hearts." "The song's aggressive and intended to grab your attention." Thematic similarities to Led Zeppelin III opener "Immigrant Song" are impossible to ignore, a fact that O'Toole calmly acknowledges. "I can think of worse things to be compared with," he laughs.

Video: Queen Killing Kings - "Ivory"

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