Ragged     To celebrate the debut of the new music magazine Ragged, Plug In is giving away a Silversun Pickups t-shirt, a wifebeater and a copy of the band's CD "Carnavas" to one lucky fan!

     Filter Magazine, the country’s premiere independent music publication, and innovative clothing brand American Rag Cie have partnered to announce the release of Ragged. This thirty-two page mini magazine features stories on indie rock and alternative music from major and up-and-coming artists. Artists featured in Ragged include Phantom Planet, Morningwood, Silversun Pickups, The Vacation, Annie Stela, Bitter:Sweet, Greg Laswell and Nina Gordon.

     Beginning on July 18th, Ragged will be distributed for free at Macy’s stores nationwide as well as at concerts and festivals throughout the summer. The issue is also available to download on www.RaggedMag.com.


Congratulations to the winner, Carol Nine!