Resident Evil: Extinction

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     Lakeshore Records (Underworld and Underworld: Evolution), returns September 18 with the motion picture soundtrack to the film Resident Evil: Extinction. For the third installment of the $100 million Resident Evil franchise starring Milla Jovovich and based on the wildly popular video game series, Lakeshore has handpicked a diverse share of all exclusive contemporary hard-rock songs that compliment the film’s post-apocalyptic landscapes seeped in horror and science fiction.

     Every song here is exclusive to Resident Evil: Extinction. Featured artists include Shadows Fall (“Stupid Crazy”), Chimaira (“Paralyzed”), Throwdown (I, Suicide), Poison the Well (“Wrecking Itself, Taking You With Me”) and Rammstein offshoot Emigrate (“New World”). There are also selections of original score composed by Charlie Clouser (NIN, Rob Zombie and Saw I-IV).

     Acclaimed remixers The Legion of Doom deliver a stunning reworking of Flyleaf’s near platinum hit song “I’m So Sick” (T-Virus Remix). The Legion Of Doom also contribute another radical reworking of Aiden’s fresh new single “One Love” (Extinction remix) adding their signature power and punch.

     The soundtrack also contains specially crafted remix versions of works by Bayside (“Duality” – Project Alice String Remix), Emanuel (“Sceneotaph” – DJA Infected Remix), The Bled (“Asleep On The Frontlines” - Appliantz Remix) and Collide offer the alternate remixed cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” The song of course references the themed lyric “go ask Alice.”

The complete listing for the Resident Evil: Extinction soundtrack is:
01. Main Title – Charlie Clouser
02. Stupid Crazy – Shadows Fall
03. I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix) - Flyleaf vs. The Legion of Doom
04. My World – Emigrate
05. Duality (Project Alice String Remix) – Bayside
06. Losing – Charlie Clouser
07. One Love (Extinction Remix) – Aiden vs. The Legion of Doom
08. Deathcar – Fightstar
09. I, Suicide – Throwdown
10. White Rabbit (SPC ECO Mix) – Collide
11. Paralyzed – Chimaira
12. Laser Tunnel – Charlie Clouser
13. Asleep On The Frontlines (Appliantz Remix) – The Bled
14. Catch Me – City Sleeps
15. Contagious – Searchlight
16. Sceneotaph (DJA Infected Remix) – Emanuel
17. Sixth Of June – It Dies Today
18. Wrecking Itself, Taking You With Me – Poison The Well
19. Convoy – Charlie Clouser

Congratulations to the winner, Bradley Carver!