Rising Son

Rising Son     Plug In is giving away 5 "Rising Son" prize packs, each containing a "Rising Son" DVD and CD.

     For stylish airs, no one came close to Christian Hosoi. At his peak in the mid-80s he was the "rock star" of skating, pulling down money that rivaled Tony Hawk's paycheck. Innovating crazy vertical maneuvers like the "Christ Air," Christian knew how to stoke an audience. Then it all came crashing down when Hosoi plowed into self-destruction, getting hooked on crystal meth and hitting rock bottom with a prison sentence for drug smuggling. Completely annihilated, Christian turned to the Bible for answers and found new strength. With lots of action footage and a slammin' soundtrack, this gritty, inspiring film goes deep inside the world of skateboarding as seen through the incredible highs and lows of this legend's life, revealed through never-before-released home movies and interviews with Christian's family and friends including top skaters Jason Lee, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Mark Ragowski and many more!

     The soundtrack for RISING SON, THE LEGEND OF SKATEBOARDER CHRISTIAN HOSOI, boasts music from such artists as Queens of the Stone Age, Gnarls Barkley, Murs and The Gossip. The soundtrack also includes several unreleased tracks, such as Dave Grohl's "Vile", Slightly Stoopid's "Still Be You", and Fishbone's "Cheyenne". The powerful musical lineup helps the film chronicle the colorful life and career of CHRISTIAN HOSOI, one of skateboarding's most talented and adored superstars, whose meteoric rise to superstardom was matched only by his spiraling descent into a federal prison sentence for drug trafficking. To accompany a film that emphasizes high-energy action sequences and dramatic turns, 21 cutting-edge artists from the hip-hop and rock genres have been selected to make for a non-stop, feel-good compilation.

Track Listing
1. "Vile" - Dave Grohl
2. "Transitions Of A Rider" - Murs
3. "Sedated" - Lexicon
4. "Standing In The Way Of Control" - The Gossip
5. "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven" - The Transplants
6. "The Place Where We Dwell" - Wajeed & Invincible
7. "Cheyenne" - Fishbone
8. "America's Most Blunted" - Maddvillian featuring MF Doom
9. "Tainted Love" - The Peakshow
10. "Pot Of Rain" - Optimus
11. "No More Weapons" - Steel Pulse & Damian Marley
12. "Little People" - The Procussions
13. "Kuruption" - Kurupt featuring Everlast
14. "Mexican Radio" - Charlie Early
15. "Mexicola" - Queens Of The Stone Age
16. "Just A Thought" - Gnarls Barkley 17. "Still Be You" - Slightly Stoopid
18. "Antaraxia" - Team Sleep featuring Chino of the Deftones
19. "Revolution" - Mark Bell
20. "Dr. Aura" - Brant Bjork and the Bros
21. "No Family" - Second Coming featuring Jay Adams (of Sucidan Tendencies)

Congratulations to the winners: Jacob LaFountaine, Holly Chernoff, Steve Seaman, George Larrabee, and Ann Hara!