Riverboat Gamblers

Riverboat Gamblers     Plug In is giving away 2 Riverboat Gamblers prize packages! Each package includes a Riverboat Gamblers T-Shirt, a copy of the band's CD "To The Confusion Of Our Enemies", and the b-sides 7".

     “To The Confusion Of Our Enemies”, the new record from Riverboat Gamblers, derives it’s moniker from the favorite hell raising toast of Frank Sinatra’s; because a man without enemies is a man without character and if you stand up for anything, someone is going hate you.

     The Austin-by-way-of-Denton Gamblers have cultivated a fanatical and even somewhat celebrity following with their rowdy, energetic live shows. Shows that have led to broken teeth, lacerated body parts, thousands of dollars in medical bills and support slots with Flogging Molly, Hot Water Music, Burning Brides, and MC5.

     Originally formed in 1997, the Gamblers built a local following and busted out of the Denton TX college scene in 2001 on the back of their self-released 7” single “Jenna Is A No Show”; With that the band began to take the show from the dives bars and house parties of UNT on to the rest of the country. Austin punk legend Tim Kerr produced their self titled debut album which was released on the D.C. based Vile Beat Records. A couple years later, despite rabid major-label interest (in part derived from an explosive set at 2003’s South by Southwest festival), released their second album "Something To Crow About" through San Francisco’s Gearhead Records later that year.

     With the momentum from all the positive press received from "Something to Crow About" in magazines such as Spin and Alternative Press, Riverboat Gamblers again hit the road awing crowds from New York to San Francisco continuing to earn pages of press for both shows played and shows cancelled due to injuries (who can forget that shot posted all over the internet of Mr. Lillard’s bloody face and crushed front teeth after taking a microphone to the face).

     In 2004 the Gamblers toured the US with MC5 and then Burning Brides with 28 dates through Europe in between. They kicked off 2005 opening for Flogging Molly, found a new label with Volcom Entertainment and spent the rest summer on the Vans Warped Tour. After the end of their summer trek on Warped Tour the Gamblers began production on their fourth full-length album “To the Confusion of Our Enemies” with Andrew "Mudrock" Murdock’s studio, The Hobby Shop, in Highland Park, CA.

     "To The Confusion of Our Enemies" In Stores April 25th.

Congratulations to the winners: Sonny Telecky and Carolyn Kennard!