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…very frequently The Sword may simply mean pure destruction, and then it is the symbol of force, sometimes devilish force. Following another much-talked about performance at SXSW 2005 and the awareness of the quartet’s talent at an all-time high, the band found a home in diverse NYC label Kemado Records. A number of new songs already in hand, songwriting for the band’s debut full-length immediately resumed.

The band's first album was released in February of 2006. Age of Winters is a mind-blowing, nine-song journey inside the mysterious, yet concrete world The Sword call their own. Recorded at Austin’s Folkvang Studios, the album was engineered by bassist Richie and produced by frontman J.D. Cronise, ensuring the complete capture of the hard-earned sound the band has worked so tirelessly to achieve.

The band now prepare to release their second full-length, Gods of the Earth on April 1, 2008. Recorded at Folkvang Studios in Austin, TX, Gods of the Earth instantly conveys what words can only try to describe: The Sword is not to be taken lightly. From the moment the album’s lead track “The Sundering” explodes, it is immediately apparent that The Sword has upped the ante on a sound all its own.


Although Danava (pronounced DON-UH-VUH) play the type of ferociously intense, foundation-rattling, rock and roll that might righteously justify some good old fashioned head-banging, vocalist Dusty Sparkles wants you to know that he doesn’t consider his band a metal outfit.

Nor are they prog-rock, or part of whatever ridiculous, wonky sounding “movement” someone just came up with to try to lump a bunch of disparate bands together. Sparkles has as much use for genre tags as folks on the Titanic did for bottled water. He’s not interested in being part of a scene, and he’s entirely unconcerned about anyone’s reaction to or opinion of his band. “We’re not trying to fit in anywhere specifically,” he drawls nonchalantly. “we aren’t going to do this unless we feel happy about it.”

Danava might create music for themselves, but they’ve connected with an audience hungry for something intelligent, interesting, complex – and heavy. A short three years after forming somewhat casually in Portland, the band is gearing up to release their second LP on Kemado Records, titled UnonoU.

“UnonoU is a word I made up,” explains guitarist and lead singer Dusty Sparkles. “People should think for themselves [as to its deeper meaning]. I hate being specific. It’s boring.” What’s not boring is much of anything about Danava’s densely-packed musical ideas and unstoppable live show, which kick down the doors of genre, clique, and scene.


Merging howling lyrical venom with an endless arsenal of corrosive guitar orchestrations, harmonized leads and runaway locomotive rhythms, Saviours have been rapidly garnering international attention as one of the best heavy bands active today. The self-described "piss-angry metal band", known for its ferocious live performances and original stamp on the classic power and thrash metal of decades past, entered Los Angeles' A&M/Henson Studios in late August with producer Joe Barresi (Melvins, Kyuss, Tool) to record its sophomore album, Into Abaddon.

Into Abaddon was recorded fresh off a red-hot tour of the United Kingdom as hand-picked direct support to progressive metal giants Mastodon and a 14-city road jaunt that saw the inclusion of many of the songs that comprise the new full-length, which will be released January 22, 2008. On the topic of the forthcoming album and the band's new label home, Saviours drummer Scott Batiste comments, "We signed to Kemado because they understand what we're trying to do more than any other label. We each share a vision of how a Saviours record should be released."

Congratulations to the winners, Richard Titanic and Jackie Lachance!