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Tantric is dead! Long live Tantric! A band that garnered a Platinum record (their self titled debut, featuring their #1 single “Breakdown”), a strong sophomore release (After We Go) on Maverick Records, and considerable critical acclaim saw members depart, their label change direction and the bottom drop out of their future. Not one to give up, vocalist (and remaining original member) Hugo Ferriera pressed on and turned it all around.

The End Begins truly closes the door on what Tantric used to be and shows rock fans everywhere what can be done with talent, passion and a unique take on what modern Rock & Roll should sound like.”Every ending gives birth to a new beginning,” says vocalist Hugo Ferriera. “The previous lineup is gone and that enabled me to bring in people with a whole new perspective.”

Now joining Ferriera is Kevin Miller (ex-Fuel) a “hard-hitting drummer… a human metronome” with experience on his side, Joe Pessia, an intricate, detailed player “really internalizes the guitar parts and puts this incredible spin on them,”Eric Leonhardt “a great bass player AND a great singer, he makes the harmonies in the songs pop,” and a most unusual addition, classically trained violin player, Marcus Ratzenboeck. “We are treating his violin like a guitar,” Ferriera says. “Marcus comes from a classical background and he brings that to the rock music we are making… it sounds so fresh and different.”

The fresh sound permeates The End Begins. “The One” features guest vocals from Kevin Martin of labelmates, Candlebox over a sweeping melody anchored by keyboard and guitar alike. “Down and Out” redefines the use of the violin in rock music. Its switch from stabbing and aggressive to sweet and melodic to bolster Ferriera’s deep, stirring vocals makes this focus track really MOVE. The soulful and pensive “Lay” as well as the layered sound and time shifts of the album’s opener “Regret” widen the Tantric experience at both ends of the spectrum.

Beginning this particular ‘end’ was the band’s deal with Jeff Hanson’s (Creed, Paramore) Silent Majority Records. The album was being written and, according to Hugo he “was in limbo, not sure what (he) was going to do,” until the SMG deal breathed life into his process. Giving up was not an option for Ferriera “I had the band name tattooed on me, so there was no going back,” he joked. “Seriously, everything in my life was invested toward this, giving up was not an option for me. Ultimately I’d rather just survive and do what I love rather than do anything else.”

Working yet again with Producer and ‘6th band member,’ Toby Wright (Slayer, Alice In Chains,Korn, Corrosion of Conformity) the band has created a sound that hits you hard and sticks in your head. Lyrically, Ferriera has gotten more literal as time has passed. “Before my lyrics were more vague and evocative of emotion. Now I am getting the same emotion, but I am telling a story too.”

The story of Tantric is far from over. One listen to the band’s brand new material and it all begins again.

Congratulations to the winner, Charlene Shaver!