The Films

The Films     Plug In is giving away two The Films prize packs! Each prize pack contains a copy of The Films' self-titled debut EP and a The Films' t-shirt!

     Within some kind of whirlwind cyclone that began momentum roughly 24 months ago in their hometown of Denver, Colorado, and finally set down in Charleston, South Carolina, The Films have arrived none the worse for wear and tear. A quartet of high school friends -- these kids were alright-- playing in various groups and incarnations that would eventually recombine until they found themselves playing in each other's band at the same time. Make sense? It will.The Films

     The Films began to take their hobby a bit more seriously when after several months of touring the southeast, the local indie kids and college pre-dropouts began filling the clubs they were playing on a regular basis. The band had managed to build a reputation as a live attraction fueled by post-pubescent, pure adrenal energy and attitude noticeably different to the usual collegiate jamband fare making the beer rounds. They figured they'd found a place to "fit in," thanks to Charleston's underexposed own happening music/art subculture. Ready or not, The Films were building a fan base, one show at a time. The idea was to mash clever lyrical wordplay with memorable melodies that recall the time-honored passion of classic 60's pure pop with 80's new wavelengths but with their own modern sense of style and sensibility. They were looking for something that sounded both familiar and brand new at the same time. The carefully/carelessly brewed result is a rock & roll hybrid for a new millennium that pays respect to their record collections stocked with Elvis Costello, The Pixies, The Smiths, The Zombies, Weezer, The Kinks, and something called "The White Album," just to name the things you've heard of.

Congratulations to the winners: Melissa Resnick and Sarah!