Young Love

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In 2007, Young Love made you dance with the release of his highly anticipated and much buzzed about debut record, "Too Young To Fight It." Now, Dan Keyes is still masterminding music that sets dance floors ablaze, but since the release of that debut there's been a shift, a subtle but assured transformation in Keyes that manifests itself in each carefully chosen chord and each deliberately delivered lyric of his thrilling sophomore album, "One Of Us." The album is out now via Island Def Jam.

Dan Keyes spent his formative years making music. A songwriter at heart he was penning tunes at 11 and his first band, indie pop outfit Recover was quickly snatched up by Fueled By Ramen. In 2005, Recover went on hiatus and Keyes veered off on his own, hopping from coast to coast and finally settling in New York with just a few suitcases and some demos. The new material was far from what he had created with Recover and so his new project, Young Love, was born. An instant hit, Young Love, with the release of "Too Young To Fight It," could often be found on the road playing sold out shows across North America, heavily buzzed about gigs at major festivals like SXSW and heading overseas to Europe to play for enthralled fans.

Upon returning from touring behind "Too Young To Fight It," Keyes found himself in a very different set of circumstances. The social circles Keyes had documented on his debut had changed. While he had been away, friends had married, friends had had children and friends had died. Through these experiences Keyes found himself inspired to write much of "One of Us," and while the details throughout are specific to him, the emotions he conveys are universal. Even the album's title is meant to construct a sense of community.

Keyes states, Its something I say all the time, I like for everyone to feel like they're a part of it. We're all on the inside."

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