Top 10 of 2012: Jon DeRosa

Jon DeRosa's got the spirit. This past year he released his debut full-length solo album on vinyl and in Europe. Now he's sharing his favorite spirits of 2012 with us. Drink up!

Limbeck Longing For The Good Ol' Days

September 4, 2007

"Now you can send an email or a MySpace message to your favorite band saying, 'Hey assholes, why don't you come to Ottawa? Quit skipping our city.' So then the band gets bummed," says Limbeck's Patrick Carrie, who adds he's met fans who have openly admitted to him that they've illegally downloading the band's album – while purchasing t-shirts from him at a show. "That hurts our feelings," says Robb MacLean.


Straylight Run Stand Out Against Warped Tour Stereotype

August 8, 2007

With light, melodic songs, Straylight Runs is not your "average" Warped Tour Band. "[It’s been] shockingly awesome," bassist Shaun Cooper admits. "People are respectful and it seems like they enjoy the break because these heavy bands are like, 'Hey, what's up, motherfuckers! What's going on?' And they say it between every single song."


Scenes From A Movie Place Their Finger On "The Pulse"

August 7, 2007

"I hung out with a couple of the guys from Cute Is What We Aim For," says Scenes From A Movie's Tony Bush. "They’re really fun guys and you hear a lot of bad things about them but they’re really nice guys. A couple of bands that – another band we met that are really fun are a band called Mayday Parade – they’re awesome guys."


Wild Times With The Wildbirds

July 27, 2007

"Don't tell Universal because they might put a parental advisory," The Wildbirds' Nicholas Stuart says, "but if you hear at the end a celebration [it is] our producer over the loudspeaker, 'Fuck, yeah! Come in here.' That's the coolest thing about recording live, when all of you are sitting in a room and record, when a take is magical, or you feel it's magical, it's captured. So we captured even the befores and afters of it on the record, too."


"Snakehouse" on a plane

June 25, 2007

“Rock and roll itself is queer – the whole history of rock and roll. I think now they realize there’s a solid core audience that they can market things to that maybe they didn’t really explore before,” Nina Martinez says. “They realize that they can make a whole lot of money from people’s interests.”


Working from home

June 18, 2007

Pat Robitaille chats about his slow and steady climb of the music industry ladder. “I don’t want to jump into a record company situation and just be a fly on the wall. I think eventually I want to be working with a major label company to get myself to the masses. If there’s any other company that I can work with that can do that, I would do that as well. I’m happy where it’s at."