Top 10 of 2012: Jon DeRosa

Jon DeRosa's got the spirit. This past year he released his debut full-length solo album on vinyl and in Europe. Now he's sharing his favorite spirits of 2012 with us. Drink up!

Music marries art to conceive Ragni

May 21, 2007

"In some of the early demos where, you can clearly make out what Jake is saying and it's nothing close to what I'm singing. I think it is gold! I think it's priceless. It's like, 'These two guys are singing something completely different but you can obviously tell they're trying to sing the same thing.'"


Finishing his 'degree': A reunion with The Reason's Adam White

May 17, 2007

"If you like Hatebreed and liked our screamier stuff, you're going to find nothing on this record that you'll like. But if you liked our last record and your favorite band is Weezer or something, you'll probably like this record more."


From Utah to The Used: Band members chat about their journey together

May 7, 2007

"I went from playing shows in front of four or five people for the past ten years to playing shows in front of five or ten thousand people. There's a huge difference," says The Used's new drummer, Dan Whitesides. "I've never toured on a bus before, so this is crazy, having showered everyday. It's the best thing I've ever been a part of in my whole life."


The Musical Cameleon: Taking Back Sunday's Matt Rubano talks about life as a career bassist

April 23, 2007

I have a jazz trio, Matt Rubano adds. Its not really a trio; its more like improvisational music, which I try to play as often as I can. That helps keep me sane. I had to abandon a whole side of me that really isnt incorporated in Taking Back Sunday.


When birds fly south: David Usher finds New York

April 9, 2007

My favorite artist is Leonard Cohen and I dont know if he was miserable when he wrote all those greats songs or not. It depends on what misery is, says David Usher. He was this traveling poet that lived in all these crazy places. Thats part of the tact. He lived in great places during great things and for me thats inspiring.


Dispute Taste Success

April 2, 2007

We feel pretty lucky, says Dispute's Jeremy Lux, lead singer and long-time friend of AFIs Davey Havok. It was a great opportunity and we wanted it really badly. We paid for our own flights, our tour bus literally, we funded ourselves to go and do that tour, but was definitely worth it.