Top 10 of 2008: Jetboy\'s Billy Rowe

Top 10 of 2008: Jetboy's Billy Rowe

Jetboy guitarist Billy Rowe counts down his favorite albums of the year and why he thinks they rock. Each year asks some artists and labels to tell us what they were listening to this year. Check daily for a new list!

- Photo by Danni Valdez

posted December 18, 2008

  1. Butch Walker - "Sycamore Meadows"

    Awesome songwriter, talented musician & great producer, been a fan since Marvelous Three

  2. Buckcherry - "Black Butterfly"

    Great Rock N' Roll band ! and my buddy plays bass for em' hahahaha

  3. Ginger - "Market Harbour"

    Ginger is an amazing songwriter & musician, I'd say the best out there today. His band 'The Wildhearts' are one of the greatest bands to have come around in past 15 years

  4. Backyard Babies - "Fuck Off And Die"

    I love this band, full on attitude! They live, breath & sleep Rock N' Roll! Their best release yet

  5. AC/DC - "Black Ice"

    What can I say, it's AC/DC, the best band on the planet, hands down!

  6. Glen Campbell - "Meet Glen Campbell"

    I love this album, grew up listening to him on AM Radio as a kid. To make a comeback at age 70 outta full retirement and cover current songs is amazing

  7. The Wildhearts - "Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before"

    It's the Wildhearts, they RULE!

  8. Airbourne - "Runnin' Wild"

    If you love AC/DC and big guitar riffs, you'll love Airbourne! nothing new here, it just ROCKS!

  9. Piper - "Piper & Can't Wait" (re-release)

    One of my favorite unknown pop bands from the '70s featuring Billy Squire on vocals, finally available on CD

  10. Cheap Trick - "Budokan!" DVD/CD

    One of the greatest LIVE albums of all time! And to watch & listen now is unreal