Top 10 of 2008: The Out_Circuit\'s Nathan Burke

Top 10 of 2008: The Out_Circuit's Nathan Burke

The Out_Circuit's Nathan Burke shares his top records of the year -- with a few twists. Each year asks some artists and labels to tell us what they were listening to this year. Check daily for a new list!

posted December 30, 2008

  1. John Theodore Burke (dob 8/26/08)
  2. Fleet Foxes - s/t
  3. Beach House - Devotion
  4. Dark Knight
  5. Wall E
  6. At the Gates reunion tour
  7. Am I allowed to put my own record? Might seem vain, but hey it was a lot of hard work.
  8. Thrice - Alchemy Index 3&4
  9. Iphone
  10. nothing