Warped Tour 2007

Straylight Run Stand Out Against Warped Tour Stereotype

August 8, 2007

With light, melodic songs, Straylight Runs is not your "average" Warped Tour Band. "[It’s been] shockingly awesome," bassist Shaun Cooper admits. "People are respectful and it seems like they enjoy the break because these heavy bands are like, 'Hey, what's up, motherfuckers! What's going on?' And they say it between every single song."


Scenes From A Movie Place Their Finger On "The Pulse"

August 7, 2007

"I hung out with a couple of the guys from Cute Is What We Aim For," says Scenes From A Movie's Tony Bush. "They’re really fun guys and you hear a lot of bad things about them but they’re really nice guys. A couple of bands that – another band we met that are really fun are a band called Mayday Parade – they’re awesome guys."