Top 10 of 2010: AC4\'s Karl Backman

Top 10 of 2010: AC4's Karl Backman

Swedish punks AC4 have spread their music across Europe with a number of tour dates this year. Guitarist Karl Backman recounts ten of their most memorable gigs from 2010.

- Photo by Petter from Malmö

posted December 20, 2010


  1. Any of the April gigs in Germany
    Because we're not that computer savvy we only had one song on our MySpace page, so wherever we went we were met by a crowd of young German men screaming 'Let's Go To War'. Yeah, we know you like to do that...
  2. Oct 22 - The Boiler Room, Guildford, England
    Having had to endure three or four seemingly never ending and truly awful support bands, the audience turned this fiasco around and actually made this into a real punk show once we got on stage. Cheers!
  3. April 13 - Repo Man Records , Copenhagen, Denmark
    A last minute gig in the smallest basement room in the world. We're soaked in sweat 20 seconds into the gig.
  4. Jul 08 - Getaway Rock Festival, Gävle, Sweden
    Before us a great set by Airbourne, the next day the mighty Motorhead. The backstage room was flooded in sewage and I fucked up my leg in the pit during the opening chords of Killed By Death.
  5. Oct 23 - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff, Wales
    An all-ages afternoon gig. Should have been boring as hell, but all I can remember is a constant laughter from both the band and the audience.
  6. Nov 18 - XM 24, Bologna, Italy
    Another last minute gig. This went from a miserable squat gig to the most entertaining show on the whole November tour. The sound engineer jumped over his desk and into the pit!
  7. Nov 12 - Trix, Antwerp, Belgium
    Drinking beer with beer drinkers Wehrmacht!
  8. April 10 - Schlachthof, Eisenach, Germany
    Drinking beer with beer drinkers Mary's Kids!
  9. Nov 19 - Mac 2 Rock, Schio, Italy
    The show we weren't allowed to play. A club run by psychos who refused to honour the agreement we had, then finally paid up but immediately threatened to kill us if we weren't out of the place in 5 minutes!
  10. May 22 - Tjärhovet, Lycksele, Sweden
    An all-ages show in a parking lot in a village up north. We're all approaching 40 and the audience were all teens, many still wearing braces, but rarely have we felt this connection to the crowd. It has to be our gig of the year!

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