Label Spotlight: Southern Lord

posted May 1, 2006

by Corinne

Southern LordPlease introduce yourself.

Iím Greg Anderson, I own/operate Southern Lord Recordings and also play guitar in sunn 0))).

When and why did you start your label?

I started the label in 1998, our first release was the Thorrs Hammer-"Dommedagsnatt" CD in April of that year. Southern Lord was created to provide an outlet for me to release recordings of my own and other musicians who I admire and respect.

What kind(s) of music does your label put out?

Intense, passionate, heavy music.

What was your first release? How did you finance it?

Thorrs Hammer-"Dommedagsnatt". I got a loan from a generous friend.

What is your most recent release?

As of May we are releasing the new Boris album: "Pink", it is the 4th album we have done with them.

How do you feel about sharing music on the Internet?

I donít really have a problem with it. I think itís a very easy way for people to check out new bands/sounds/music quickly. I look at it as good exposure. However, I do think the MP3 format is not the best way to properly hear the full audio spectrum of the recordings.

Any words of wisdom for those interested in running their own label?

Get ready to work your ass off with not much financial reward!

What has been your most successful release?

Probot. Its also pleasantly surprising that the sunn 0))) albums are doing very well recently.

What's the best way and the worst way to get a label's attention?

Best: Let them discover you.
Worst: Pester them

Regardless of genre, what do you look for in the artists and bands you sign?

Honesty, passion, uniqueness.

There are a lot of legalities involved in running a label (signing bands, releasing records, everyday work, etc.). How does your label deal with these things?

I like to think that we offer musicians/bands a very fair deal and we treat them as we ourselves would want to be treated. Since I am in a band I think I have a lot more empathy towards other musicianís needs, and a true concern for retaining the integrity of the art while bringing into the commercial arena.

What upcoming releases can we expect from Southern Lord?

2006 will see the release of a very special collaboration album between Boris and sunn 0))) titled: "Altar". Its unique in that it is not what would be expected by either band. The union of the two groups has created a unsuspected outcome. We will also be releasing the 3rd album from The Hidden Hand.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity to speak. And remember: "If it ainít heavy, it ainít shit.Ē