Label Spotlight: Suburban Noize

posted October 1, 2007

by Corinne

Suburban Noize

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Brad X, aka Daddy X. I am a member of the Kottonmouth Kings and founder of Suburban Noize Records.

When and why was the label started?

The label was formed in 1995 to release the first KMK record. I was already promoting clubs and concerts with my company, The Artist Groove Network. I spent my early years touring in a punk rock band. I had a crash course in do it yourself ethics.

So I carried all those experiences into learning. I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing. 12 years later we are still successful despite ourselves. I brought in Kevin Zinger, who was KMK’s manager, to help run the day to day operations at Sub Noize. He also runs SRH, an extremely successful clothing company.

What kind(s) of music does the label put out?

We have over 20 acts on the Sub Noize label ranging from punk to hip hop, reggae, [and] rock. The thing about all the artists [is that] they stand out as unique and independent in their field.

How do you feel about sharing music on the Internet?

People may be changing the way they get music but they are still getting it. And it is our job to create cutting edge music and content they want.

The new technology and the Internet has [sic] opened a world of possibilities. We are just trying to adapt to the changing face of the industry.

What has been your most successful release?

Kottonmouth Kings still continues to be the label’s biggest success, selling close to two million records under the Sub Noize label.

Regardless of genre, what do you look for in the artists and bands you sign?

I would say that touring, playing live and the Internet are our biggest tools. As far as reaching people and keeping our underground community informed on the movements of our groups and label. We have a magazine called Sub Life that is in print as well as on the web.

We also developed an extreme life style TV show called Rip And Tear. We have in house production staff and a multimedia department that keeps the wheels spinning 24/7 at Sub Noize.

Merchandising is a big part of our biz, both over the Net and at retail. We have the I figure kids can download and burn songs; they can’t download a t-shirt. Not yet, anyways.

What upcoming releases can we expect from Suburban Noize?

Cloud Nine, the new KMK full-length, just dropped August 28th as well as Big B’s “More To Hate.” Check out (hed) p.e.’s new “Insomnia” record if you need a jolt and a wake up call. Dogboys “Rebel Rhythm” and X Clans’ “Return From Mecca” are great examples of quality and wide range of Sub Noize music.

Anything else you would like to add?

Life is short, enjoy the ride! Peace, Brad X.

Thanks for your time!