Review Round Up #10's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes In Liars We Trust's "In Liars We Trust," Sherwood's "A Different Light," Transit War's "Miss Your Face," Blag'ard's "Blank Faced Clocks," and The Kimball's "Number One."

In Liars We Trust

In Liars We Trust
“In Liars We Trust”
(Foss-Face Records/Genxtasy Records 2006)

Falling somewhere, stylistically, between opinionated bands the MC5 and Dead Kennedys, In Liars We Trust's self-titled debut album is a political punk rock album that says what it thinks and never bites its tongue. In Liars We Trust deliver one quick moving tune after another, each with its own hook that the band chants over and over. A bit rough instrumentally and vocally, In Liars We Trust gets their point across, albeit a bit heavy handedly.

Sounds Like: Pounding political punk rock with a raw, unpolished sound

Key Tracks: "What Gives..."

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A Different Light

“A Different Light”
(MySpace Records 2007)

It is difficult to classify the pop rock that Sherwood showcases on "A Different Light." Sure, there are power ballads and, of course, there are gentle tunes that expand into full melodies and there are definitely some synth-tinged songs to get your toes tapping. But Sherwood never goes too soft or too edgy to find themselves easily labeled as one or the other. Similarly, they never overwhelmingly convince of their ability to write instantly memorable songs. Instead "A Different Light" mingles somewhere in the middle of pop rock.

Sounds Like: Pop rock that does a bit of it all

Key Tracks: "Give Up!," "A Different Light"

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Miss Your Face

Transit War
“Miss Your Face”
(Orange Peal Records 2006)

An air of energy and confidence emanates from "Miss Your Face," the debut full-length from The Transit War. Thrashing guitars lead the assault on the record as The Transit War blend smooth melodies into the bouncing and buzzing instrumentation. But The Transit War seem to either be on or off with no in between. "Miss Your Face" is one pounding song after another, with no breaks to let anything sink in.

Sounds Like: Pounding and thrashing emo indie rock

Key Tracks: "Chutes and Lasers," "Safety In The Air"

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Blank Faced Clocks

“Blank Faced Clocks”
(Pig Zen’s Pace 2006)

Ex-Capsize 7 member Joe Taylor is making his own music now. Although he receives some assistance from drummer Bill Buckley on the EP, Taylor is the heart and brains responsible for Blag'ard. Under this premise, the one man band's "Blank Faced Clocks" EP is a heavy guitar-driven recording that remains edgy and raw by way of its lack of polish and spontaneity. Taylor puts an unconventional spin on the EP that works, creating catchy and unpredictable songs with lively riffs.

Sounds Like: Loose, raw guitar rock

Key Tracks: "Monk"

Number One

“Number One”
(Dowboy Records 2006)

There is something familiar and comforting about The Kimballs' "Number One." The debut full-length is a fun mix of 80s influenced indie rock, like Elvis Costello and The Pixies. With two of the tracks on "Number One" originally from a 1994 release, the upbeat guitar rock playing bright melodies with a silly and loose spirit is a combination of yesterday and today.

Sounds Like: Catchy indie rock with bright, upbeat melodies that is not too serious

Key Tracks: "Number One," "Heavy Load"

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