Review Round Up #13's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Canvas Solaris' "Cortical Tectonics," Andy Werth's "Back To The Sun," Sleeper City's "Sleeper City," The Slip's "Eisenhower," and Patient Patient's "Professionals and Convicts."

Cortical Tectonics

Canvas Solaris
“Cortical Tectonics”
(The Laser’s Edge 2007)

The third album from Canvas Solaris, "Cortical Tectonics," is one that never rests. The metal band offers six instrumental tracks that thrash, buzz, and whirl with energy and enthusiasm. Quick paced electric guitars offer fluid licks amongst the nonstop instrumentation. But while the music could easily sweep by you without a second thought, Canvas Solaris' music is so textured that the playing comes off as dynamic and something physical.

Sounds Like: Instrumental metal that is infused both by speed metal and jazz

Key Tracks: "Reticular Consciousness"

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Back To The Sun

Andy Werth
“Back To The Sun”
(Self-Released 2006)

"Back To The Sun," the three-song EP from Andy Werth is perky pop driven by lightly pounding piano and accented by gentle background vocals and smooth trumpet. It is pop rock with an old school approach as Werth blends his influences like Burt Bacharach and Paul McCartney. While "Back To The Sun" is a lively EP that keeps its chin up with upbeat music regardless of the lyrics, Werth's songs lack real hook to make it truly pop.

Sounds Like: Upbeat and bouncy pop rock

Key Tracks: "I Caught a Greyhound to New York"

Sleeper City

Sleeper City
“Sleeper City”
(Self-Released 2006)

Featuring members of rock bands Sloe, Anasarca and Stroke 9, Sleeper City is a no frills side project that returns to just playing rock. With driving riffs that reveal influences like Sonic Youth and Fugazi, buzzing instrumentation falls away just as quickly as it had come. Ringing melodies add a memorable aspect to the organized chaos that each song on Sleeper City's self-titled EP offers.

Sounds Like: Driving indie rock with a rough, unpolished edge

Key Tracks: "Forced Induction"

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(Bar/None Records 2006)

Bright, full melodies await listeners on The Slip's "Eisenhower," the band's fourth studio album. Abandoning their jazz-based sound in favor of a gentler rock one, The Slip are engaging and effortless with their catchy melodies that are backed by thick electric guitar licks, bass riffs and falsetto vocals. "Eisenhower" is one of those albums that is just the right combination of heavy and light, memorable and thoughtful.

Sounds Like: Indie rock pop with memorable melodies and solid instrumentation

Key Tracks: "Children of December," "Paperbirds"

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Professionals and Convicts

Patient Patient
“Professionals and Convicts”
(Self-Released 2007)

With the loose flair of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, Patient Patient's guitarist/vocalist Neal Burton can be emotional and engaging. On Patient Patient's debut EP, "Professionals and Convicts," the band offer a Brit rock inspired sound that is memorable with strong, ever changing melodies. "Professionals and Convicts" pulls listeners in with dark pop songs driven by synths and slow buzzing guitar rock, as the band evoke both light and dark sounds with equal intensity.

Sounds Like: Guitar-oriented indie rock influenced by Radiohead

Key Tracks: "Happy Landings"

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