Review Round Up #16's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Seth Lakeman's "Introducing...Seth Lakeman Vol. 1 & 2," Charlie Hustle's "Celebration for the Bride," David Bradley's "Songs From A Dirt Road," Daymares' "Can't Get Us All," and Eldorado Lounge's "Welcome to the Eldorado Lounge."


Seth Lakeman
“Introducing" Seth Lakeman Vol. 1 & 2”
(Manhattan Records 2007)

In 2005, British folk musician Seth Lakeman's second album, "Kitty Jay," was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize. Since then, Lakeman has released a fair amount of music. But if you still are not familiar with Lakeman's light and melodic music, the "Introducing" Seth Lakeman" EPs might be for you. With a charming sound and an appeal which is largely his clean, traditional sound, Lakeman's guitar-led melodies and his gentle vocals are effortless and well suited for the music.

Sounds Like: Singer/songwriter folk with a hint of pop

Key Tracks: "The White Hare (Acoustic)"

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Celebration for the Bride

Charlie Hustle
“Celebration for the Bride”
(Reason Y 2007)

With their debut EP, Atlanta based band Charlie Hustle are ready to get down and dirty. The band's heavy instrumentation takes control and nearly swallows up frontman's Joe Voisin's Chris Cornell-style vocals as it continually grinds and engages. Offering up a hard rock meets metal sound, Charlie Hustle's "Celebration for the Bride" may not be heavy on hooks, but the lack of gimmicks makes it easier to take the songs seriously. If anything, it is Charlie Hustle's fondness for alternating between an aggressive and a softer sound that sets them a little off balance.

Sounds Like: Heavy alternative rock

Key Tracks: "Barlow"

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Songs From A Dirt Road

David Bradley
“Songs From A Dirt Road”
(Gecko Music Productions 2007)

British singer David Bradley has a few things he wants to say. Bradley is using an EP of four tracks from his forthcoming debut album of the same title to get your attention. But while "Songs From A Dirt Road" has a clean pop and smooth adult contemporary sound, the music is not only close to being overproduced but it is, unfortunately, a little dull. While it is difficult to dislike his earnest and heartfelt music, Bradley's appeal is limited.

Sounds Like: For fans of adult contemporary and soft pop only

Key Tracks: "Where The Road Follows Me"

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Can't Get Us All

“Can't Get Us All”
(SelfMadeGod 2007)

Is it possible to want to dance to a metalcore band? While it seems like a stupid question, it might be one worth pondering when you listen to Daymare's debut album, "Can't Get Us All." Throaty vocals are embedded amidst thrashing rock music that wanders from metal to hardcore and all while maintaining a strong punk attitude. Daymares will get you furiously head banging and then throw you against the wall.

Sounds Like: Metalcore

Key Tracks: "Almost There," "iContact"

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Welcome To The Eldorado Lounge

Eldorado Lounge
“Welcome To The Eldorado Lounge”
(Self-Released 2007)

Grab a cold drink and sidle up for The Eldorado Lounge. The band's debut album, "Welcome To The Eldorado Lounge," is a focused affair. With each track on the album, Eldorado Lounge offer up light rock with a loose groove and easy melody. But the band hold themselves back and never really deliver like they could, only hinting at fluid guitar, dramatic melodies and full vocals.

Sounds Like: Light rock with a groove

Key Tracks: "Starting From Scratch"

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