Review Round Up #2's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Inevitable Backlash's "Sex For Safety EP," Two Cow Garage's "III," Barn Burning's "Werner Ghost Truck," Gilby Clarke's self-titled album and William Tell's "You Can Hold Me Down."

Sex For Safety EP

Inevitable Backlash
“Sex For Safety EP”
(Hegemony Records 2007)

Do not get all riled up just yet. The Inevitable Backlash might be rocking with members from Rollins Band and Saccharine Trust but the band's debut EP "Sex For Safety" is not as controversial as their moniker might imply. The upbeat and energetic quintet of tracks thrashes and rocks out with full and fluid instrumentation. But the songs never really go anywhere and offer the depth they should. Instead they only provide hints at what the band is really capable of.

Sounds Like: Thrashing hard rock

Key Tracks: "He Never Left"

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Two Cow Garage
(Shelterhouse 2007)

Ohio rock trio Two Cow Garage keep things rocking with "III," their aptly titled third release. Full of hard rocking music that has that down home feel of Southern rock and Americana, Two Cow Garage urge you to sing along with their songs that hint of the infectious style of Van Morrison's "Brown-Eyed Girl." With a gruff gravel throated singer leading the charge, Two Cow Garage offer a good time with understated melodic riffs and upbeat melodies.

Sounds Like: Pounding rock with heart that knows when to offer a tender moment

Key Tracks: "Come Back to Shelby," "Postcards and Apologies"

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Werner Ghost Truck

Barn Burning
“Werner Ghost Truck”
(Tarnished Records 2007)

Dark and moody conveyed with a modest and reserved tone, Barn Burning's sophomore full-length release "Werner Ghost Truck" is as much about the distinct vocals as the rhythmic instrumentation. Rarely smooth, Barn Burning's character is shown by way of melodies that can be alternately clunky, wispy or altogether quiet. "Werner Ghost Truck" is constantly changing and while the album may begin with the sounds of harmonica and low key acoustic music, by the end of the album Barn Burning are floating by with piano before commanding listeners with their dark sounds.

Sounds Like: Dark indie lullabies that blend folk with alternative

Key Tracks: "Put The Drunk Drivers On The Guest List"

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Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke
“Gilby Clarke”
(Spitfire Records 2007)

He certainly was not our favorite Rockstar: Supernova judge but Gilby Clarke is finally putting his money where his mouth is and proving why he was in the judge's seat and we were not. The experienced guitar player compiled tracks from various solo and side projects for his self-titled album. The result is straightforward rock 'n' roll with no apologies and nonstop guitar riffs that take some side trips through twangy country and upbeat pop rock. Also included is a guest appearance by Rockstar: Supernova cast-off Dilana on lead vocals for "Black."

Sounds Like: Upbeat, driving rock ā€˜nā€™ roll that you can sing along and air guitar to

Key Tracks: "Black"

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You Can Hold Me Down

William Tell
“You Can Hold Me Down”
(Universal Music 2007)

Former Something Corporate member William Tell wants you to know he is thoughtful and compassionate. Really. Tell's solo debut, entitled "You Can Hold Me Down," is, somewhat predictably, full of smooth, power pop melodies. A blend of infectious tunes that border on guilty pleasures, Tell's music is often upbeat even when the lyrics are not always, even if the second half of the album is one ballad after another.

Sounds Like: Gentle power pop ballads for your inner hopeless romantic

Key Tracks: "Like You, Only Sweeter"

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