Review Round Up #27's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Caterpillar Tracks' "Scrape The Summer," George Stanford's "The EP," The Color Bars' "Kairos At Infinity," The Frantic's "Audio & Murder," and Drivealone's "The Letitout EP."

Scrape The Summer

Caterpillar Tracks
“Scrape The Summer”
(Phratry Records 2007)

Post-punk band Caterpillar Tracks are filling the time between their debut full-length and their yet to be released sophomore album with a five song EP. "Scrape The Summer" offers up guitar led songs that want to rock and thrash aggressively but never do. Instead the band back off of the forceful sound in favor of one that falls somewhere in the middle. Quick guitar melodies sneak their way into Caterpillar Tracks' songs but the band never comes full circle with the EP.

Sounds Like: Post-punk rock

Key Tracks: "How Secure, Secure"

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The EP

George Stanford
“The EP”
(Smash/Mercury 2007)

Is George Stanford the next hot male pop singer-songwriter or a serious musician? The Philly expatriate's modestly titled "The EP" EP shows of Stanford in both lights. Fluid vocals with poppy aspects ready for radio and videos show up but are not outdone by a more earnest classic singer/songwriter sound in a blend of Paul Simon and Jeff Buckley. While Stanford is adept at both styles, he seems more convincing at the less glossy sound.

Sounds Like: Singer-songwriter with a poppy aspect

Key Tracks: "Heartbeat"

Kairos At Infinity

Color Bars
“Kairos At Infinity”
(Self-Released 2007)

Some people always see the bright side of life, no matter how dark it gets. The Color Bars, from Seattle, seem to be one of those bands. No matter the topic of choice, the trio always manages to work in a light, upbeat melody and falsetto vocals. From disco to indie rock, the Color Bars dabble in a bit of it all on their sophomore release, "Kairos At Infinity," while inducing smiles and a few chuckles with their tongue-in-cheek humor.

Sounds Like: A blend of Polyphonic Spree and Ween

Key Tracks: "Pretty Krinkled"

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Audio & Murder

“Audio & Murder”
(Sinister Muse Records/Empyrean Records 2007)

Teen pop punkers The Frantic want you to think that they are bad boys who are experienced in the ways of love and relationships. In between bragging about breaking girls hearts simply because they could, The Frantic seem to be, well, assholes. The bad boys of yesterday - who would love you and leave you while still making you love them in the end - The Frantic are not. But what their morals lack, they make up for with energy which bounds from each brash track on "Audio & Murder," their debut full-length.

Sounds Like: Snotty pop punk

Key Tracks: "Big Papa"

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The Letitout EP

“The Letitout EP”
(Self-Released 2007)

Was there a malfunction with the CD-R that Polish one-man band Drivealone sent or were three of the five tracks of "The Letitout" EP silence? The two tracks that did play, "Hospitility" and "A State of Art in Becoming Regretful," were slow, vaguely melodic loose tracks. While it was easy to see the end goal of the tracks and the effort put in, the execution was somewhat lacking.

Sounds Like: Homemade rock

Key Tracks: "A State of Art in Becoming Regretful"