Review Round Up #49's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Chicane Theory's "Lose Track Of Time," Bootload Of Boogie's "Dig It," Space March's "Without This You Can Never Change," Everclear's "The Vegas Years," and Mikey Jukebox's "Insatiable EP."

Lose Track Of Time

Chicane Theory
“Lose Track Of Time”
(Self-Released 2008)

Chicane Theory wants to be a little edgy on "Lose Track Of Time," their debut EP. But even before the end of the EP it is clear that Chicane Theory's strength lies in a gentler sound. A clean-cut melody on the release's opening track "Decision" is the first thing to stick out and that impression lasts as the tracks progress. Chicane Theory know how to change their sound up and keep things interesting without being pigeon-holed.

Sounds Like: Soft indie rock

Key Tracks: "Decision"

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Dig It

Bootload Of Boogie
“Dig It”
(Scratch It Back Records 2007)

Give these garage rockers a rhyming dictionary and they are all ready and raring to go. With muddy guitar riffs buzzing through the instrumentation, Bootload of Boogie's strength may not be their lyrics, although at times humorous (although it can be difficult to know when the sarcasm is intended), or even the vocals, but rather the heart that they are showing with some toe-tapping jams.

Sounds Like: Basic garage rock

Key Tracks: "I'm Not Cool"

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Without This You Can Never Change

Space March
“Without This You Can Never Change”
(Ninthwave Records/Death By Karaoke 2007)

Dreamy ballads mingle with bubbly electropop melodies that flitter and flow effortlessly from "Without This You Can Never Change," the sophomore release from songwriter and producer Craig Simmons. Simmons, the lone man behind Space March, makes sure that the electronics and showy vocals blend well into many of his songs, bending the line until synthpop becomes simply pop.

Sounds Like: Sweet synthpop

Key Tracks: "Out Of Touch"

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The Vegas Years

“The Vegas Years”
(Capitol Records 2008)

If you read between the lines, a band releasing a "best of," collection of covers or "rarities" is generally just looking to keep their name out there. But regardless of the real motive, "The Vegas Years" fits Everclear like a glove. The band makes each cover song, recorded between 1994 and 2008, their own, putting their likable but understated alt pop rock spin on the likes of Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" and Tom Petty's "American Girl." The quirky band even throws some TV themes in to the fun but unchallenging recording.

Sounds Like: Poppy alt rock covers

Key Tracks: "Rich Girl"

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Insatiable EP

Mikey Jukebox
“Insatiable EP”
(Young Lions of the West Recording Company 2008)

New York City "It" man Mikey Jukebox is a one man band. It is an arrangement that, judging by his latest release, "Insatiable EP," seems to be working just right for him. Before his three-song EP is finished, Jukebox will have you shaking to electronic dance music and then strutting to an upbeat sound that feels like it has been ripped straight from the 1980s and spiffed up for modern day consumption.

Sounds Like: Poper pop, new wave, indie and electronic all rolled into one

Key Tracks: "Insatiable"

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