Review Round Up #54's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Midnight Oil's "Diesel And Dust," Grey Daturas' "Return To Disruption," Polydream's "Send Me To The Sun," Cailyn's "New World In Blue," and The Spill Canvas' "Honestly, I'm Doing Okay EP."

Diesel And Dust

Midnight Oil
“Diesel And Dust”
(Columbia Records 2008)

Way before everyone was going green, a group of '80s rock stars were trying to save the world with benefit concerts and socially aware lyrics. Included in that group (no, not U2) is Australian's Midnight Oil. The for-fans-only CD/DVD offers a remastared version of "Diesel And Dust" in all its synthesizer glory and the chance to watch a rare concert documentary. Of course, this new collection does beg one question: shouldn't this be a green, digital-only release?

Sounds Like: Distinctly '80s rock

Key Tracks: "Beds Are Burning"

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Return To Disruption

Grey Daturas
“Return To Disruption”
(Neurot Recordings 2008)

What may start as slow guitar tune-ups, seemingly meaningless drum solos and other instrumental noise is far from being just that. Australian band Grey Daturas manage to keep a potentially tedious sound concept interesting on "Return To Disruption" as their "noise" always segue ways into booming instrumentals that are not apologizing for the lack of vocals with busy melodies.

Sounds Like: Noise rock

Key Tracks: "Demarcation Disputes/Unity," "Neuralgia"

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Send Me To The Sun

“Send Me To The Sun”
(Self-Released 2007)

It is the hint of an edge in their singer's voice that keeps Polydream's debut full-length release from falling straight into the soft pop rock genre. The Wisconsin rockers make power ballads into their calling card and main staple on "Send Me To The Sun." But by the end of the album, the melodies are not so nice as they try to be a bit more alternative.

Sounds Like: Soft pop rock

Key Tracks: "Catch Me If You Can"

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New World In Blue

“New World In Blue”
(Self-Released 2008)

From rock classics to classical music, Cailyn seems able to create moving renditions on her guitar of songs you might not always associate with the instrument. More than mere guitar wanking, Cailyn shares the spotlight with two vocalists (one of whom sounds not unlike your drunken uncle who likes to sing karaoke at family events) before taking center stage. Cailyn's guitar prowess is clear but with heavy synthesizer usage popping up occasionally, "New World In Blue" sounds sanitary at times.

Sounds Like: Guitar-focused rock

Key Tracks: "New World In Blue"

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Honestly, I'm Doing Okay EP

Spill Canvas
“Honestly, I'm Doing Okay EP”
(Sire Records 2008)

Emo rockers The Spill Canvas are focused and ready to rock. Their latest EP, "Honestly, I'm Doing Okay," is a mix of flashy, well-produced upbeat tracks and thoughtful acoustic songs. In fact, included in those thoughtful acoustic songs is a version of a said flashy, well-produced upbeat track. The quartet shows depth and dynamics with "Honestly" but, honestly, nothing that you have not heard before elsewhere.

Sounds Like: Slick emo rock

Key Tracks: "All Over You"

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