Review Round Up #57's Review Round Up feature provides five quick-fire music reviews on a weekly basis. This edition includes Tiger Lou's "The Loyal," Billy Boy On Poison's "Sweet Mess," Safari So Good's "Every Fight Is A Food Fight When You're A Cannibal," Spoonfork's "All Is Well," and Victorian Halls' "Springteen."

The Loyal

Tiger Lou
“The Loyal”
(Eyeball Records 2008)

Swedish band Tiger Lou flies comfortably under the radar with sophomore album. It is in an almost numb and dreamlike state in which we find them on "The Loyal." It is a strong spell and one from which the band never breaks out. The result is an energy that pushes up against invisible ceilings but never quite manages to break out as low key melodies intermingle with smooth vocals and swirling instrumentation.

Sounds Like: An indie rock Deftones

Key Tracks: "The Loyal"

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Sweet Mess

Billy Boy On Poison
“Sweet Mess”
(Ironworks Music 2008)

Make way for the wild children - sorry, teenagers - known as Billy Boy On Poison. With a sound heavily indebted to glam rock, punk rock and just plain good production values, Billy Boy On Poison make their EP "Sweet Mess" into a high energy affair that keeps rocking. While some are merely imitators, Billy Boy On Poison have obviously studied their idols well enough to walk the walk and talk the talk quite believably.

Sounds Like: A modern take on the glam and punk of New York Dolls

Key Tracks: "Happy Valentine's Day"

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Every Fight Is A Food Fight When You're A Cannibal

Safari So Good
“Every Fight Is A Food Fight When You're A Cannibal”
(Takeover Records 2008)

Featuring former members of Breaking Pangaea and The Commercials, Safari So Good may only be releasing their debut EP but that does not mean they are still wet behind the ears. The quintet's cheekily titled "Every Fight Is A Food Fight When You're A Cannibal" offers no breaks as its pop punk music bounds and bounces around. While "Every Fight" offers tight instrumentation that pops out from the recording, the EP never thinks outside the box.

Sounds Like: Upbeat pop punk

Key Tracks: "You Got It Dude"

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All Is Well

“All Is Well”
(Gourmé! 2008)

With thick, full electric guitar and thumping bass riffs that buzz and hum through your speakers, Sweden's Spoonfork are not taking themselves too seriously as they play with speed and dynamics. The duo's debut full-length release is a garage rocker that begs to be played loudly. "All Is Well" may be uneven in places, but when the band gets hot the hooks do their job and flow freely.

Sounds Like: Vibrant garage rock – think The Strokes

Key Tracks: "From The F"

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Victorian Halls
(Self-Released 2008)

Chicago's Victorian Halls are one twitchy bunch. The band's newest EP "Springteen" somehow manages to bring piano into their chaotically surging post-punk sound while vocals from Sean Lenart will have you wondering if his voice could be any higher pitched. The band slowly loses their momentum though and ends up finishing with an acoustic track that proves there will not be an Unplugged session just yet for Victorian Halls.

Sounds Like: Raging, dramatic post-punk

Key Tracks: "Persecution of Bellissima Morte"