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Yura Yura Teikoku - "Dekinai"

Yura Yura Teikoku - Dekinai

Japanese rockers Yura Yura Teikoku might reuse the same up-down melody throughout their track "Dekinai" but it only serves to make the track all the more catchy. Think '70s. Think psychedelic. Think krautrock. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

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Art vs Science - "Parlez-Vous Francais?"

Art vs Science - Parlez-Vous Francais?

Aussie band Art vs Science have one simple question: "Parlez-Vous Francais?" Their pounding, high energy electro-rock track "Parlez-Vous Francais?" has all the ingredients to get stuck in your head. Take a listen with a free download!

In their native country of Australia, the band's self-titled EP has already garnered them a 2009 ARIA Award (think Grammy) nomination in the Breakthrough Artist category.

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The Soft Pack - "Fences" (Phoenix Cover)

The Soft Pack - Fences (Phoenix Cover)

The Soft Pack take French band Phoenix's track "Fences" and simply transform the track for the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Remix Collection). What started as a light and danceable synth-laden track highlighted by falsetto vocals becomes in the hands of the California quartet a noisy, twangy garage rock tune with monotone, almost droning vocals. Talk about taking a song and making it your own. Take a listen and decide for yourself with a free download.

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Alberta Cross - "Steel and Glass" (John Lennon Cover)

Alberta Cross - Steel and Glass (John Lennon Cover)

Alberta Cross offer a true to the original cover of John Lennon's "Steel and Glass," giving it a moody, dreamy sound. The track comes a couple weeks after the band released their first full-length record, "Broken Side Of Time," on ATO Records. While the cover doesn't appear on the album, it's worth checking out. Take a listen with a free download.

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Melvins - "Queen (Electroclash Remix By Panacea)"

Melvins - Queen (Electroclash Remix By Panacea)

Appropriately heavy, crunchy and sludgy sounding, The Panacea's remix of Melvins' "Queen," off the recently released "Chicken Switch," puts a new spin on an old favorite. Could it help a whole new generation discover the band? Take a listen with a free download!

"Chicken Switch" is a collection of re-named remixes (or perhaps it makes more sense to call them mash-ups?) that cull from entire Melvinsí albums as the source material. The result is 15 new tracks that include so many bits and pieces of classic Melvins sludge that itís hard to tell the original songs from which they came, and this is not a bad thing.

And who better to create these noise masterpieces than some of the bandís favorite noise masters? Remixers include Eye Yamatsuka (Boredoms), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Matmos, Merzbow and many others who are well-suited for the challenge.

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Pennywise - "We're Gonna Fight" (7Seconds Cover)

Pennywise - Were Gonna Fight (7Seconds Cover)

BYO Records and Youth Brigade are celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of "Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records," now in stores. BYO, founded by Shawn and Mark Stern, also members of the band Youth Brigade, asked their favorite bands to record songs from the extensive BYO Records catalog. Check out Pennywise's true to the original cover of 7Seconds' "We're Gonna Fight."

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The Red Channels - "Waltz"

The Red Channels - Waltz

"Waltz," off The Red Channels' recently released album "Ghetto Cooking," plays like an unsettling music box with its dark but dreamy tune that spirals over and over yet again. Take a listen with a free download. The Red Channels' "Ghetto Cooking" is out now on Ten Dollar Recording Co.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Buster Voodoo"

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo

It's easy to miss the fact that Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela are playing instrumental music. The quick, fancy fretwork that sends their fingers speeding on "Buster Voodoo" is rhythmic and rocking. Who knew you didn't need an electric guitar for Jimi Hendrix-like psychedelics?

"Buster Voodoo" is off Rodrigo y Gabriela's upcoming album, "11:11," due out September 8th.

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Dawes - "Love Is All I Am"

Dawes - Love Is All I Am

As summer starts to wind down, the soft acoustic folk and blended vocal harmonies of Dawes' song "Love Is All I Am" seems all the more poignant. Reflect for yourself with a free download of the track.

Dawes release their debut album "North Hills" on September 29th via ATO Records. The band is currently doing a residency out at the Echo in LA and just recently jumped off a tour with their friends Deer Tick.

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Twin Atlantic - "Lightspeed"

Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed

It's no secret after one listen to the voice of Sam McTrusty, Twin Atlantic's frontman, that these guys are from Scotland. McTrusty's vocals are practically buried by an assault of electric guitars on the band's soaring melodic alt-rock track "Lightspeed." The track is off Twin Atlantic's mini-album, "Vivarium," which is now available. Take a listen to Twin Atlantic's "Lightspeed" with a free download!

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