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Graveyard - "Thin Line"

Graveyard - Thin Line

Graveyard may have released their self-titled debut over a year ago, but the Swedish psychedelic rockers are still keeping their momentum as they gear up for a summer tour, including dates with CKY. Take a listen to Graveyard with a free download of "Thin Line," the fluid groove matches full vocals that bring Cream's Jack Bruce to mind with a less hard and heavy take on Graveyard's countrymen Witchcraft.

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Pissed Jeans - "False Jesii Part 2"

Pissed Jeans - False Jesii Part 2

Seething, garbled vocals, chaotic thrashing and plain old rocking, Pissed Jeans preview their upcoming third album, "King of Jeans," with "False Jesii Part 2." Pissed Jeans' "King of Jeans" will be released August 18th by Sub Pop. Take a listen now with a free download of Pissed Jeans' "False Jesii Part 2!"

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Vincent Minor - "Late Night Show"

Vincent Minor - Late Night Show

Vincent Minor leads the parade with marching band drums and plenty of piano on the upbeat indie pop of "Late Night." The tune just struts right in and commands attention. Take a listen with a free download!

"Late Night Show" is from Minor's album "Born in the Wrong Era" is now out via Social Science (home to Bird and the Bee teamster Obi Best).

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Felix Da Housecat - "Kickdrum"

Felix Da Housecat - Kickdrum

Felix Da Housecat's "Kickdrum" is nearly four minutes of throbbing, droning and vibrating music that is as understated as it is memorable. You won't be able to shake off the pounding rhythm. The track is the first single off "He Was King," the first album from Felix Da Housecat in eight years. "He Was King" will be released this summer by Nettwerk.

Take a listen with a free download of Felix Da Housecat's "Kickdrum."

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Kim Lenz - "Touch Me"

Kim Lenz - Touch Me

In the spirit of the adventure and independence that runs through her music, Kim Lenz, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-guitarist, has started her own label to release her third album "It’s All True!," which she also produced. The album is to be released by Riley Records on June 16th. Check out Lenz and her rockabilly sound with a free download of the sexy "Touch Me!" The track is crisp and exciting, sounding like it stepped right out of a time machine.

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MYNX - "I'm So L.A."

MYNX - Im So L.A.

"MYNX is more than a band. It's a religion. We plan on evangelizing the world with our hot gospel. I'm not even joking. I'm sure we could also budget some time for some good old MYNX shenanigans. Climbing the Eiffel Tower in matching unitards, setting zoo animals free and what not," says Ara, one half of the duo MYNX.

Leading MYNX's first official release – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind EP - is the single, "Kissie Show," accompanied by a bonus offering of the song that started it all, "I'm So L.A." Get a free download of "I'm So L.A.," MYNX's high-energy electro track that builds up the superficial just to knock it all down with style and attitude.

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The Warlocks - "Red Camera"

The Warlocks - Red Camera

The Warlocks released "The Mirror Explodes," their sixth full-length record this week on Tee Pee Records. Take a listen to The Warlocks with a free download of "Red Camera," a slow driving Sonic Youth style psychedelic jam.

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Nebula - "The Dagger"

Nebula - The Dagger

Nebula give their guitar pedals a work out with screaming licks that bring Jimi Hendrix to mind on "The Dagger." Psych meets garage meets stoner, these guys are all rock. Take a listen with a free download of "The Dagger," off the trio's upcoming "Heavy Psych," out July 7th on Tee Pee Records.

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Reed KD - "Winding Roads"

Reed KD - Winding Roads

Reed KD's new album "In Case The Comet Comes," a record born out of his adventures traveling the country while living out of a VW Vanagon in 2007 and 2008. "In Case The Comet Comes" will be released June 9th. Get sneak peek with a free download of "Winding Roads," a song sure to bring Simon & Garfunkel to mind with its delicate vocal harmonies and gently rambling finger-picking acoustic guitar melody.

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Infusion - "Dogtown"

Infusion - Dogtown

Heralded by the Sydney Morning Herald as "Australia’s best live act" and riding the praise on multiple cross-continent tours (123 different cities in 39 countries, to be exact), the group landed on stages with Bowie, Basement Jaxx, N.E.R.D. and the mighty New Order.

In between touring stints, Infusion has spent much of the past two years in the studio recording their endlessly-anticipated new album. Preview their upcoming new album with a free download of "Dogtown."

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