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St Helens - "How To Choose Your Guru Part 2"

St Helens - How To Choose Your Guru Part 2

The members of St Helens can trace one degree of separation from Spider Vomit, Bird Blobs, Minimum Chips, Alpha Males and Kes, with occasional contributors, Love Of Diagrams and Panel Of Judges. Originally formed to give voice to Jarrod Quarrell’s (The New Season, Lost Animal) world weary but ultimately victorious songs, it wasn't long before word spread of the band’s razor-sharp guitar interplay, Jarrod and Hannah's bitter-sweet, intertwining vocals and the broken glass danger of their intense live performances. After only four gigs, St Helens found themselves opening for Blonde Redhead.

St Helens have finished recording their new album and are offering a free download of "How To Choose Your Guru Part 2."

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Gliss - "Morning Light"

Gliss - Morning Light

Los Angeles-based band Gliss have just announced that they're teaming up with Von Iva and Sick of Sarah for shows in May and June. Take a listen to the band with a free download of "Morning Light," the first single off their new album "Devotion Implosion."

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The Sounds - "Dorchester Hotel"

The Sounds - Dorchester Hotel

As Sweden's The Sounds get ready for their slot opening up for No Doubt on tour this summer, the band have the release of their third album, "Crossing The Rubicon" on June 2nd to think about. Get a sneak peek with a free download of "Dorchester Hotel" off the upcoming "Crossing The Rubicon."

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Little Brazil - "Nicholas"

Little Brazil - Nicholas

Little Brazil is proving there is more to Omaha indie rock than Saddle Creek and Conor Oberst. SON, the band’s third album (and first for Anodyne Records), is garnering critical praise from the press and college DJs alike. This week the album shoots up the CMJ Top 200 to #67, jumping an impressive 58 spots on the charts, with 20 stations adding the album this week alone.

All hype or well deserved? Decide for yourself with a free download of Little Brazil's "Nicholas."

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Great Northern - "Houses"

Great Northern - Houses

Great Northern (Solon Bixler, Rachel Stolte) released their atmospheric and melodic debut album, ‘Trading Twilight For Daylight’ in 2007. With its catchy hooks, lush keys and breathy vocals, it was received warmly and created a solid buzz - the band’s music was also featured in commercials, and played on an A-list of radio stations, including KDLD, KCRW, KNRK, WEQK, WWCD, KEXP and Indie 103, plus FM giant KROQ and a host of others. They were also featured in ‘Best Of 2007’ lists from Filter, Under The Radar, KCRW and Live 105.

Next week, on April 28th, the duo release their sophomore album "Remind Me Where The Light Is." Take a listen with a free download of "Houses" off the new album!

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Lee Memorial - "Long Days In Bed"

Lee Memorial - Long Days In Bed

Karl Smith, half of the ex-Rough Trade signings, Sodastream has a new outfit called Lee Memorial. Sodastream released 4 albums, 5 EPs and a live recording between 1999 and 2006. They toured Europe 7 times, as well as the US and Japan and cult Radio 1 DJ, John Peel once described them as "quite wonderful."

Smith wanted to try something different to Sodastream with his latest project and the desire was to present his new songs with a full band. Recruiting Laura MacFarlane, one time drummer with Sleater-Kinney and founder of Melbourne outfit Ninety Nine, Tom Lyngcoln from Nation Blue (lead guitar), Madeline Spawton who has no ragged pedigree plays clarinet and cello, and Matt Bailey (ex-Paradise Motel) plays bass.

The chemistry of this line-up was demonstrated in the studio where Lee Memorial managed to record eleven of the tracks form the forthcoming debut album, "The Lives Of Lee Memorial," in just four days. "The Lives Of Lee Memorial," will be out this summer but get a sneak peek with a free download of "Long Days In Bed."

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From Monument to Masses - "Beyond God & Elvis"

From Monument to Masses - Beyond God & Elvis

Post-rock trio From Monument to Masses are currently on the road, with Dredg and Torche, in support their new album "On Little Known Frequencies." Produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Minus The Bear), the band infuse their sound by with eclectic elements such as hip hop break beats, film score strings, and glitchy electronics. In lieu of singing, FMTM use samples of politically-charged dialogue to convey a message without overtly preaching.

Take a listen to From Monument to Masses with a free download of "Beyond God & Elvis!"

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Quest For Fire - "Bison Eyes"

Quest For Fire - Bison Eyes

Toronto's Quest For Fire have signed with Tee Pee Records and will release their self titled debut on June 9th. The band, made up of Andrew Moszynski (guitar), Chad Ross (guitar, vocals), Mike Maxymuik (drums), and Josh Bauman (bass), spent a little over a year holed up in a tiny practice space near Toronto's lakeshore, refining their vision and obsessing over their common love of all things strange.

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming album with a free download of lead-off track "Bison Eyes!"

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The Legends - "Seconds Away"

The Legends - Seconds Away

"Seconds Away," the first single from The Legends' upcoming album "Over and Over," was released this past November. The single was described as 'The noisiest pop single to ever come out of Sweden' and has already generated considerable buzz worldwide, staying at No.1 on for nearly three weeks!

Decide for yourself with a free download of The Legends' "Seconds Away."

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High Strung - "Standing at the Door of Self Discovery"

High Strung - Standing at the Door of Self Discovery

When producer David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Los Campesinos!) agreed to helm the latest High Strung album, a strange/wonderful meeting was set to take place. In the height of a brutal Canadian winter, the High Strung brought a decidedly different batch of songs with them to the small church-studio of the legendary indie producer. Josh Malerman (songwriter) has written his first group of "personal" numbers, songs that addressed bizarre psychological states as well as revealing/comforting ideas of a man turning himself "inside out" -- the idea of celebratory self-examination. Ode to the Inverse of the Dude sounds a lot like what it's about; there's no doubt Newfeld stretched a band who was ready to be stretched and the outcome is a fantastic/blissful proclamation.

Check out High Strung's "Ode to the Inverse of the Dude," out April 21, 2009 on Park The Van, with a free download of the release's lead off track "Standing at the Door of Self Discovery."

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